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New York/New Jersey 2026 FIFA World Cup™ Host City Bid Committee Presents Report on Commitment to Human Rights


Demonstrates to FIFA that the Region Sets the Standard for Protection of Basic Liberties

TRENTON – As New Jersey and New York City continue to prepare ahead of the Host City selection for the 2026 FIFA World Cup™, the NY/NJ Host City Bid Committee today announced the completion and release of a comprehensive review of the region’s commitment to fostering human rights, along with plans to expand those practices in advance of the 2026 FIFA World Cup™.

Bid committee officials met earlier this month with FIFA representatives to present the report, which was the result of multiple meetings with dozens of internal and external stakeholders in both New York and New Jersey, and answered questions about the region’s efforts toward preventing human rights abuses.

“We believe that New Jersey is not only well-positioned in our efforts to support basic human rights, but we set the standard nationally,” said New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. “We hope that FIFA came away from the presentation understanding that these practices are fundamental to who we are in New Jersey and we are a model to be followed by the rest of the country.”

"For decades, New York has led the charge in ensuring equality, safety, and respect for all,” said New York Governor Kathy Hochul. “With the Statue of Liberty standing tall in our harbor, New York welcomes the 2026 FIFA World Cup as an opportunity to show players and fans all we have to offer."

“Sport’s highest calling is to bring people together, and that starts with creating a safe, humane, and inclusive environment for players and fans alike. No city in the world takes that mission more seriously than New York,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. “We look forward to reemphasizing our commitment to human rights with every stakeholder, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to share that vision on a global stage.”

Key takeaways from the stakeholder engagement process include:

  • Human rights management and support does not focus on one day or event but is an everyday commitment with a lasting legacy.
  • The region’s vast experience in overseeing mega events, as well as its standing as the most diverse region in the country, requires a system of feedback on human rights issues that is dynamic, transparent, and ensures a remedy of grievances.
  • There is an unprecedented level of cooperation that already exists between New York City and New Jersey on human rights issues.
  • There is genuine enthusiasm to leverage the 2026 FIFA World Cup™ for wider, deeper, and more meaningful engagement.

The report released today concluded that, as the most diverse region in the nation, New Jersey and New York have a demonstrated commitment to elevating that diversity through sustained human rights advancements.

Hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup™ represents both an opportunity and a responsibility specific to human rights issues. New York and New Jersey officials look forward to the opportunity to leverage the world’s greatest sporting event to help amplify existing human rights efforts and introduce new initiatives under the spotlight of the FIFA 2026 World Cup™.

The report looked at six areas identified by FIFA as part of the host city bid process, including safety and security of fans and participants, housing rights, workers’ rights, disability awareness and access, the right to participate in the conduct of public affairs, and nondiscrimination,  grievances and access to remedy.

Through a thorough governmental stakeholder engagement process, the Bid Committee found that, in all areas, the region displays a heavy commitment in both thought and practice to ensuring not just a successful event, but also to ongoing protection of basic rights.

In statements to FIFA, Governor Murphy and Mayor de Blasio touted human rights advances and the progressive values inherent in New Jersey and New York. Governor Murphy spoke of New Jersey’s commitment to protecting voting rights, increased minimum wage, pay equity, paid sick leave, powerful environmental justice laws, strong worker protections and a commitment to organized labor, robust training and apprenticeship programs, prevailing wage requirements as part of statewide business attraction plans, and a dedication to teaching New Jersey’s children about climate change.

“In partnership with FIFA, we can use the 2026 FIFA World Cup™ to accelerate these efforts as never before, make a difference in so many lives and demonstrate to the world that progress, equality, and diversity are not threats to be stamped out but opportunities to be seized,” Governor Murphy said.

In his address to the FIFA representatives, Mayor de Blasio highlighted the city’s commitment to equal access to housing, employment and healthcare, to the protection of the rights of the city’s immigrant communities, the mitigation of the effects of climate change and support for workers’ rights to fair and livable wages, all hallmarks of the city’s progressive values.

“Hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup™ would create a once-in-a-generation opportunity to showcase these values and help realize the vision that FIFA and President (Gianni) Infantino have outlined: to use soccer to transform the world,” de Blasio said.

FIFA officials are expected to select and announce the final host cities sometime in the first or second quarter of 2022.

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