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Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation


TRENTON – Today, Governor Murphy signed the following bills and resolutions into law:

A-2021/S-1138 (Conaway, Benson/Gopal) - Requires embryo storage facilities to record and report health information of patients in manner that is consistent with certain federal laws

A-3329/S-994 (McKnight/Ruiz) - Requires BPU to conduct study of effect of coronavirus 2019 pandemic on local and public utility service and to quarterly collect and publish certain local and public utility service and customer information

A-3694/S-1800 (Moen, McKnight/Gopal, Stanfield) - Establishes “Purple Star Schools Program” in DOE to recognize schools which emphasize importance of assisting children of military families

A-4127/S-2743 (Stanley, Spearman, Murphy/Greenstein, Singleton) - Mandates access to periodic cancer screening examinations for professional firefighters not enrolled in SHBP; makes appropriation

A-4254/S-2852 (Coughlin, Karabinchak, Kennedy, Lopez/Diegnan)  - Excludes electricity supplied to recycled materials manufacturing facilities from renewable energy portfolio standards

A-4373/S-2900 (Calabrese, Speight/Sarlo) - Permits municipal emergency management coordinators to reside within reasonable proximity to municipality in which they are employed

AJR-57/SJR-47 (Moen, Mukherji, Dancer/Beach, Cruz-Perez) - Expresses support for commissioning of SSN-796, U.S.S. New Jersey, in New Jersey


 The Governor vetoed the following bills: 


A-793/S-1427 (Timberlake, Tucker, Reynolds-Jackson/Gill, Turner) – CONDITIONAL - Creates “Community Wealth Preservation Program”; expands access for certain buyers to purchase property from sheriff’s sales

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A-3149/S-438 (McKeon, Dancer, Benson/Smith, Codey) - CONDITIONAL - Changes entity responsible for management of NJ School of Conservation to nonprofit organization, and directs DOE to request funding for center annually

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A-4101/S-2666 (Lopez, Coughlin/Vitale, Corrado) - CONDITIONAL - Requires MVC to prompt applicant for certain documents to enter information into "Next-of-Kin Registry

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A-4107/S-2768 (Schaer, Conaway, Verrelli/Vitale, Singer) - CONDITIONAL - Makes various changes concerning regulation of emergency medical services; establishes mobile integrated health program and new State Emergency Medical Services Medical Director in DOH

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A-2676/S-1212 (McClellan/Testa) – ABSOLUTE - Revises permitting thresholds for certain types of development requiring CAFRA permit from DEP

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