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Governor Phil Murphy

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Statement from Governor Murphy on President Biden’s State of the Union Address


"Over the past two years, under President Biden’s leadership, our nation has staged a historic comeback. Tonight, the President gave us a powerful reason to join with him under our shared American values and with common purpose to finish the job of restoring our nation’s pride and global preeminence.

“Jobs are growing faster than ever, and unemployment is at all-time lows. American manufacturing is roaring louder than at any point in 40 years and small businesses are being opened at an unprecedented rate. Inflation is down and so is the deficit.

“More than anything, President Biden’s first two years have proven that our nation is better served by responsible, cool-headed government that works for all Americans than one which is ruled by chaos and grievance.

“I thank the President, in particular, for prioritizing our nation’s mental health. As Chair of the National Governors Association, I have made youth mental health my priority, as well. But this is an issue which must be tackled not only on a state-by-state basis, but as a nation by enhancing access to mental health care, supporting our mental health workforce, and eliminating the stigma that too often is associated with mental health challenges. The National Governors Association looks forward to partnering with him in this important bipartisan effort.”