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Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Murphy Highlights Record School Funding Increase in Fiscal Year 2025 Proposed Budget Plan


Plan Would Fully Fund School Funding Formula for the First Time in State History

TRENTON – Governor Phil Murphy and Acting Education Commissioner Kevin Dehmer today visited Charles and Anna Booker Elementary School in Plainfield to highlight $11.7 billion in funding to support equal access to education and opportunity for students across New Jersey in the Governor’s Fiscal Year 2025 budget plan.

“This year’s budget proposal builds on our work to empower students by ensuring they receive the high-quality education necessary to support life-long success,” said Governor Murphy. “Since day one of my Administration, I have remained committed to bolstering New Jersey’s school communities and working toward fully funding our best-in-the-nation public education system. Over the past seven years, we have made strategic investments – maintaining our momentum to fully fund New Jersey’s school funding formula for the first time in our State’s history — because investments in education don’t just benefit our children’s futures, they benefit us all.”

By adding $908 million in K-12 formula aid, the Governor is proposing to fully fund New Jersey’s school funding formula for the first time since it was established in 2009. This funding represents the single largest investment in the budget proposal.

“I am especially honored to be part of this historic budget,” said Kevin Dehmer, Acting Commissioner of the Department of Education. “For the first time since the School Funding Reform Act began in 2009, our school funding formula will be fully funded. Governor Murphy has never wavered from his promise to support our schools and he has ensured that our students and educators will have the resources they need heading into the next school year.”

District allocations of state aid for all New Jersey school districts may be found on the DOE’s School Finance webpage.

“This marks a milestone for education in New Jersey,” said Senate President Nick Scutari. “For the first time in history we can fully fund the school aid formula. The state financing will give educators the support they need to provide a quality education for students throughout the state.  It will help communities strengthen their schools and provide direct assistance to avoid property tax increases.”

“New Jersey has the best public school system in the country and we want to maintain top-quality education for our students,” said Assembly Speaker Craig J. Coughlin. “Last year, we passed, and the Governor signed, a budget with a record high amount for school aid, and we are on the right path for this year’s budget. Investing in children is an investment that pays off in the future. We’ve made it a priority to support our educators, and by delivering state-funded aid to schools, we are also providing relief to taxpayers.”

“Investing in our public schools is investing in the leaders of tomorrow,” said Assembly Majority Leader Louis D. Greenwald. “Fully funding our schools is a promise kept to our families and will equip every student with the tools and resources they need to succeed.”

“By fully funding New Jersey’s schools we are not only investing in educational excellence, we are also helping to hold down local property taxes,” said Senator Paul Sarlo, chair of the Senate Budget Committee. “Because we managed state finances effectively in recent years we are able to devote resources to the successful completion of the multi-year plan to fully fund the school aid formula. This is good for the schools and the taxpayers.”

“Over the last few years, the legislature and Governor Murphy have increased our financial commitment to our children and their education,” said Assembly Budget Committee Chair Eliana Pintor Marin. “By providing additional funding for K-12 schools, we have given our school districts the means they need to support teachers and students.”

“New Jersey’s public school system is routinely recognized across the country, and the funding announced today will help ensure it remains nationally-ranked for years to come,” said Assemblywoman Pamela R. Lampitt, Chair of the Assembly Education Committee. “Working in partnership with Governor Murphy, we are poised to provide the necessary resources for New Jersey students to continue receiving top-notch educations.”

“This funding is a beacon of hope and paints a more promising future for Plainfield students, who have consistently enriched our classrooms through their diverse cultural backgrounds,” said Assemblywoman Linda Carter. “This funding will help us fulfill a promise to nurture a generation of well-rounded individuals who can lead our state toward a future marked by progress and triumph.”

“The increased allocation for Plainfield will help foster educational inclusivity and equity, particularly in a city where a significant portion of students hail from Latino and Black households,” said Assemblyman James Kennedy. “By fully funding our children’s public schools from grade school to graduation, we are not only setting them up for success but also establishing the foundation for the future prosperity of our state.”

The FY2025 budget plan marks the seventh and final year of the seven-year phase-in to fully funding New Jersey’s school funding formula. This transition was required in a 2018 law, S2, designed to address inequities that had resulted from years of overfunding some districts while failing to adequately meet the needs of other growing districts.

We stand at a pivotal moment in our journey toward educational excellence. The Governor's Fiscal Year 2025 budget proposal, by fully funding the school funding formula for the first time in State history, represents a historic investment in our children's future. This is more than just a budgetary commitment—it's a testament to our collective belief in the transformative power of education. For Plainfield, and indeed for communities across our great state, this ensures that every child has access to the quality education they deserve. Together, we are planting the seeds for a brighter, more prosperous future for all. Thank you, Governor Murphy," said Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp.

“Many New Jersey governors have promised to fully fund public schools and pensions. With this historic budget, Governor Murphy is the first one to actually keep those promises,” said NJEA President Sean M. Spiller. “Unlike his predecessors who kicked the can down the road for decades, Gov. Murphy had the foresight and fiscal discipline to make a plan and stick to it. Our schools are stronger, our pensions are more secure and our state’s economic outlook is brighter today than six years ago because Governor Murphy has chosen responsible budgeting over gimmicks and tricks. And he did it all while prioritizing the needs of students and working people, who are the greatest beneficiaries of this commendable budget.”

“AFT New Jersey believes that you invest in what you value, and we’re pleased to see that principle reflected in the fiscal year 2025 budget Governor Murphy presented to the Legislature. The $900 million set aside for PreK-12 public schools reflects our shared values, as does his commitment to working families by ensuring pensions are funded. Investments in the recruitment and retention of educators, as well as health care professionals, will improve the quality of life for all New Jersey residents. AFTNJ will continue to advocate for a more transparent, accountable higher education system that involves oversight so the limited funding will go to programs, resources and personnel that directly affect students. We’re always available to assist Governor Murphy and the Legislature in their quest to deliver on the promise to make New Jersey stronger and fairer for all who live and work here,” said Donna M. Chiera, President of AFT New Jersey President.

“I am grateful for this historic investment in public education and look forward to working with the Governor's Office, the Department of Education, and education policy makers to maximize the return on this investment for all of New Jersey's public school students and their families,” said Elisabeth Ginsburg, Executive Director of Garden State Coalition of Schools.

“Governor Murphy’s budget proposal reinforces his commitment to provide the needed resources for New Jersey educators to overcome student learning loss experienced during the COVID-19 crisis and maintain New Jersey’s standing as the leader among the nation’s state systems.  His proposal reaches an historic milestone of fully funding the state’s formula for the first time since its inception in 2008,” said Richard Bozza, Executive Director of New Jersey Association of School Administrators.

“NJPSA commends Governor Murphy for honoring his commitment to our students, educators, and schools by reaching the longstanding goal of fully funding the school-funding formula.  It has been a long process and a multi-year commitment by Governor Murphy to fully support our schools where it counts, in our local budgets. As the final year of the funding formula is implemented, our eyes must turn towards the next step to ensure that our students’ post-pandemic needs are addressed. Nonetheless, at this moment in time, it is so encouraging to see the Governor's resounding commitment to New Jersey's schools, students, and educators in his FY2025 budget,” said Karen Bingert, Executive Director of New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association.

“NJASBO is pleased that the Governor has made school and pension funding his top priorities.  We will anxiously await the full budget details to see how the new funds are allocated to our member districts throughout the state.  We appreciate the acknowledgement of the fiscal strains our schools are experiencing due to general inflationary pressures, health benefit, special education, mental health, technology and transportation costs, tax levy caps and the expansion of the Governor’s preschool initiative,” said Sue Young, Executive Director of New Jersey School Association of School Business Officials.

“The Governor’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2025 includes an additional $900 million for school funding and reaches the landmark goal of fully funding schools under the SFRA. The proposal includes support for critically important initiatives such as pre-K programs, school meals, literacy screening tools and teacher recruitment measures. Governor Murphy has emphasized the importance of investing in the education of our children and supports that goal with his proposed budget. Recognizing that not all districts will see increases in state aid, we appreciate that the Administration plans to review the funding formula upon completion of this transition to full SFRA funding, which we believe is essential to ensuring all districts and students get the resources they need to thrive moving forward,” said Timothy Purnell, Executive Director of New Jersey School Boards Association.

"As part of our resolution, New Jersey Parent Teacher Association (NJPTA) advocates for adequate funding for public education; and support adequate and full funding for New Jersey’s public schools. NJPTA appreciates Governor Murphy’s support for our students.  His announcement to fully fund the school-funding formula in his fiscal year 2025 budget will allow districts to improve school infrastructure which will enhance our student’s health and education. NJPTA looks forward to seeing additional funding and resources needed to make our schools a safe and inclusive environment,” said Sharon Roseboro, President of New Jersey PTA.

“The New Jersey Community Schools Coalition enthusiastically supports Governor Murphy’s proposal to fully fund the State’s school funding formula.  We look forward to working alongside the Governor and State Legislature to expand innovative approaches like community schools in order to ensure increased equity and help all our children overcome out-of-school barriers that continue to hold many of them back from reaching their full potential,” said Dr. Gregory Stankiewicz, Statewide Coordinator of NJ Community Schools Coalition.

"Save Our Schools NJ applauds Governor Murphy for his proposal to fully fund the New Jersey school funding formula. We look forward to working with the Governor and the Legislature to ensure that every student in New Jersey has access to an equitable and high-quality education,” said Julie Larrea Borst, Executive Director of Save Our Schools.

“For 45 years, the Center for Supportive Schools (CSS) has partnered with educators to create schools where students want to be and where they can thrive. And in this moment, we see Governor Murphy’s historic investment as an imperative to advancing educational equity and opportunity for our students, educators, leaders, and schools. As we envision a future where all students are thriving in every school, and preparing for the rigors of college, career, and otherwise, we recognize and amplify the power of partnership throughout the state to accelerate achievement, equity, opportunity, and joy among our stakeholders and constituents within our schools. It is a future that CSS envisions today and seeks to contribute to alongside leaders and partners throughout New Jersey,” said Jonathan D. Mathis, PhD, CEO, Center for Supportive Schools (CSS).

“We wholeheartedly support Governor Murphy's commitment to fully funding the school formula,” said Wendy Liscow Executive Director of Arts Ed NJ.  “With adequate funding, schools serving students across all demographics and socioeconomic circumstances, will be able to address post-Covid arts education cuts to course offerings, teachers, and resources. Strong arts programs are essential to a well-rounded education that not only cultivates artistic talents but also builds invaluable life-skills, including problem-solving, collaboration, empathy, and self-expression—all critical to the future vibrancy of our state.”  

“SPAN applauds the Governor's commitment to fully fund SFRA and welcomes this positive step towards achieving equitable education for all students in our state.  We are encouraged by the expansion of the school meals program, recognizing the critical role nutrition plays in ensuring students are ready to learn. Additionally, the allocation of resources towards addressing the recruitment and retention of educators is a crucial investment in the future of our education system.  We look forward to collaborating with the Administration on conversations over resources for the SDA.  SPAN remains dedicated to working alongside policymakers and stakeholders to ensure that our education system provides all students, regardless of their background or abilities, with equitable access, opportunity, and the support they need to succeed and to thrive,” said Carolyn Hayer, Executive Director of SPAN Parent Advocacy Network.