List of Executive Orders with Disclosure Requirements
Preliminary Release #1 - June 2002
Handbook For Records Custodians
The New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA)
(N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1 et seq.)

The following records are considered to be disclosable to the public pursuant to the source Executive Order.

Disclosable Records
Document Descriptions and Conditions Source
Personnel and pension records
  • Name;
  • Title;
  • Salary;
  • Payroll record;
  • Length of service;
  • Position;
  • Date of separation;
  • Reason for separation;
  • Amount and type of pension being received
EO 11
(Section 2(a))
  • Information that discloses conformity with specific experiential, educational or medical qualifications required for government employment or for receipt of a public pension, but shall not include detailed medical or psychological information.
EO 11
(Section 2(b))
Information concerning crimes reported If an arrest has been made, information as to the defendant's: EO 123
(Section 2(iii))  
  • Name;
  • Age;
  • Residence;
  • Occupation;
  • Marital status;
  • Similar background information; and
  • The identity of the complaining party
...unless the release of such information is contrary to existing law or court rule.
  • Information as to the text of any charges, such as the complaint, information and indictment unless sealed by the court.
EO 123
(Section 2(iv))
  • Information as to the identity of the investigating and arresting personnel and agency and the length of the investigation.
EO 123
(Section 2(v))
  • Information on the circumstances immediately surrounding the arrest, including but not limited to the time and place of the arrest, resistance, if any, pursuit, possession and nature and use of weapons and ammunition by the suspect and the police.
EO 123
(Section 2(vi))
  • Information as to circumstances surrounding bail, whether it was posted and amount thereof
EO 123
(Section 2(vii))
Information concerning crimes reported Where crime was reported but no arrest made - information as to the type of crime, time, location and type of weapon, if any EO 123
(Section 2(i))

If an arrest has been made, information as to the defendant's:

  • Name; address; and age of any victims;
unless notification to kin has not occurred or the release of information would be contrary to existing law, court rule or harmful to the victim, the victim's family or the ongoing investigation.
EO 123
(Section 2(ii))
Certified copy of a vital record (birth, marriage, death certificates) Issued only to persons who establish themselves as the subject of the vital record, the subject's parents, legal guardian or legal representative, spouse, child, grandchild or sibling. The registrar must authenticate the identity of the requester and his or her relationship with the subject of the record EO 18
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