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ecc training 

New Training Videos on e-Child Care

> Getting Ready
> The Four Most Important Transactions
> The Provider Web Portal – Part 1
> The Provider Web Portal – Part 2 
> Contact Information
> Questions and Answers – Part 1

  • How can we go back and fix broken/unsuccessful transactions?
  • If a parent checks a child in, in the morning, can someone else check the child out?
  • We have bus service, so families don’t come in at all. Do they need to come in to catch up on transactions?
  • Are we going to be paid a month after the fact?
  • How do we adjust for things like parents picking up children early for doctors, dentists, etc?
  • What happens if we go beyond the 22 holiday/closure days because of weather or emergencies?
  • Can payment adjustments be made in the provider’s favor if warranted?
  • Do parents have the option to use POS or IVR
  • For wrap-around, part-time care, how does the check-in/check out work?
  • For sick/absent days, does the parent have 14 days to back-swipe those transactions?
  • Can parents call IVR from home if the child is sick?

> Questions and Answers – Part 2

  • How does the IVR work for care that is provided in the parent’s home?
  • Is it always the parent’s responsibility to record a sick day?
  • Who qualifies for a Point of Service (POS) device?
  • Is the information on the POS device displayed in English only?
  • What can we do to maintain confidentiality?
  • We have two sites, and families who have children in both sites. Can parents check in all children at one site?
  • I have a POS device now. Will I need to use IVR if the number of children I have goes down?

> Questions and Answers – Part 3

  • If a part-time child needs to come in for a full day (for example, schools are closed), how do we get paid for a full day?
  • Do we need to change our password every three months?
  • Will we be reimbursed for the tape used in the POS machine?
  • If POS transactions can’t be sent right away, we get a SAF stored message, so parents don’t know about transactions that are denied. Is there something that can be done to make it faster?
  • When I log onto the portal, I get a “may not be safe to proceed” message. Can that be fixed?


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