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DMAVA Highlights 8 December 2006

Volume 5, Number 50

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New Jersey Freedom Loans

What is a Freedom Loan?
* Up to $10,000
* Annual APR 6%
* Term: 5 years (no pre-payment penalty)
* Unsecured Loan (no collateral required)

Who is eligible to apply?
NJ residents who are:
* Members of the National Guard or Reserve
* Mobilized for one year or longer to fight in the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) - excluding routine training.


* Served 90 or more consecutive days in the GWOT on federal or state active duty (excluding routing training) and have received orders extending cumulative active duty a year or longer.

How do I apply?
* Contact participating banks. Call or visit your local branch office to obtain an application.
* Guardmembers, Reservists, or family members with Power of Attorney must submit copies of current mobilization orders with the bank's Freedom Loan application.

Current participants:
Commerce Bank

Credit Union of NJ
609-538-4061, ext. 401

First Morris Bank & Trust

Manasquan Savings Bank

North Jersey Federal Credit Union

Peapack-Gladstone Bank (908)

Pennsville National Bank


Sovereign Bank

Sun National Bank

Quote for the week

Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.

-George S. Patton

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News for Your Views


An American Icon Leaves the Jersey Guard

After 36 plus years of legendary service, the New Jersey Army National Guard bid farewell to its last UH-1 Huey helicopter. This fall, Col. Jorge Martinez, Chief Warrant Officer 5 Raymond Ferrante and Spc. Dave Debran, departed the Trenton-Mercer Airport en route to Groton Conn., where the aircraft was handed over to the Connecticut Army National Guard.

Since its arrival in New Jersey in early 1971, the Vietnam-era UH-1 Iroquois has been a dynamic presence in military operations, domestic emergencies and community functions. UH-1 helicopters were present in every major NJARNG operation as far back as our Nation’s Bicentennial, Operation OPSAIL, the Statue of Liberty re-opening celebration, Tropical Storm Floyd, 9-11 emergency operations and as recent as the Republican National Convention and the Delaware River floods. UH-1s also supported innumerable static displays, gubernatorial flights and orientation flights for military and civic leaders and elected officials.
Since the early 1970s, the UH-1 fleet supported units in North and South New Jersey, mainly the 150th Combat Aviation Battalion in West Trenton and Troop D (Air), 5th Squadron, 117th Cavalry out of Linden Airport and eventually from Picatinny Arsenal.

During the past few years, the UH-1 helicopters assigned to the NJARNG gave way to the newer, more powerful and technologically advanced UH-60 Blackhawks. However, the aircraft leaving New Jersey did not go into retirement. Instead, the last three helicopters went to Mississippi, New Mexico and Connecticut to support missions such as Katrina relief, Operation Jump Start and Homeland Security. In the end, the honorable UH-1 left New Jersey the same way it arrived: with little fanfare, humble, reliable, dignified and ready to serve our nation.


108th Civil Engineering Responds To EOD

The Ali Air Base (Iraq) Emergency Management section of the Civil Engineering Squadron (CES) got to put to use some equipment that they had been training with for many years. A leaking explosive shell had been brought to the Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit (EOD) at the base. Before EOD could dispose of the item, a determination had to be made that there were no dangerous chemicals inside the live shell. Staff Sgt. Carlos Morales of the 108th Air Refueling Wing CES, who is a member of the team of 108th Airmen who are deployed there, and Senior Master Sgt. Pete Nestor of the 109th CES, New York Air National Guard were tasked to go down range and perform chemical reconnaissance. After donning their protective equipment (MOPP 4 with the temperature above 100 degrees) and performing operations checks on their detection equipment, they journeyed downrange to confirm that the shell did not contain any life-threatening chemicals. The shell was subsequently destroyed by EOD.


Happy 370th Birthday to the National Guard

What is a few years younger than the Mayflower Compact (1620); a lot older than the Declaration of Independence (1776) and U.S. Constitution (1787); predates the U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps by 139 years; and is 311 years older than the Air Force?

Answer: The National Guard.

Known originally as the militia, the National Guard turns 370 years young Dec. 13. It all started in 1636 when the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which functioned as the colony’s legislature, ordered existing militia companies from the towns surrounding Boston to form into three regiments: North, South and East. These regiments became a kind of military “family” for members. Although their names have been changed and individual companies have come and gone, the three regiments still exist in the Massachusetts National Guard.

The differences between generation one and the current 19th generation are countless. Yet, even as the National Guard has transformed many times, it remains true to the Founder’s intent of a citizens’ Army; and, for the last three generations, a citizens’ Air Force.

From its very beginnings, the United States has been a militia – Guard nation. The existence of and need for the colonial militia was ratified by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution. Congress specifically defined those missions the militia would be used for: “to Execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions.”

Future National Guard generations will continue to employ all of the modern technology at its disposal at home and abroad. At the core, however, today’s National Guard members and yesterday’s Minutemen remain the same person: citizens with the conviction that their military service is required to make their nation and communities a safer and better place.
– from National Guard Bureau


Facts about the National Guard’s history

Happy Birthday to the National Guard who celebrates their 370th birthday on Wednesday, December 13. Throughout it all, the Guard has proven that it’s “Always Ready, Always There.”

From the National Guard Bureau, here is how some of the men and women who went before us have served the nation.

The Guard birthday is Dec. 13, 1636, the date that the first regiments of militia were organized from militia companies in the towns surrounding Boston.
In Virginia, the militia was organized with the founding of the very first settlement, Jamestown, in 1607. Next year will be 400 years of militia in Virginia. Professional soldiers like Capt. John Smith were brought from the old country to train these citizens in the rudiments of soldiering, as defending the colony was a fundamental obligation that every adult male shared.

The first generations of militia fought with swords, pikes and unwieldy matchlocks that took more than 50 steps to load and fire, and wouldn’t function in the rain.
Early militia members responded to Paul Revere’s ride and formed up to battle the British at Lexington and Concord. They carried flintlocks, hunting riles, shotguns, and hatchets - the implements of farmers and tradesmen.

Years later they faced off, brother against brother, in the Civil War. The militia functioned as it was supposed to - both North and South - and formed the cadre for hundreds of volunteer regiments that organized after Bull Run. Rifled muskets loaded with Minie balls ensured rapid and deadly fire out to 600 meters, contributing to a bitter protracted struggle that would claim more lives than all other American wars combined.

Still later they “Remembered the Maine” during the Spanish-American War. The tiny regular Army of 25,000 quadrupled in size virtually overnight as militia units volunteered to a man for overseas service. Former New York National Guardsman and future president Theodore Roosevelt charged up San Juan Hill with a regiment of U.S. Volunteers that was largely made up of New Mexico militia. He would receive the Medal of Honor 103 years later for his actions.

Volunteers from the Guard doubled the size of the Army when it was mobilized for World War I and quickly went “Over There.” Forty percent of the divisions that saw combat, and forty percent of the casualties in World War I, were Guardsmen. The German General Staff rated eight American divisions it faced during the war as “superior” or “excellent;” of these, six were Guard divisions.

Their sons had to return to Europe to do the job all over again. They also had to slog through the malaria infested jungles of the Pacific against a new enemy. Once again, the mobilization of the Guard doubled the size of the Army and bought precious time for America to mobilize its manpower and its vast industrial base. National Guardsmen from the pre-war division observation squadrons formed the heart of the expanding Army Air Corps, and were the basis for the post-war Air National Guard.

Many went home, only to be called back for Korea five years later.
The Guard had a year-long mobilization for the Berlin crisis and a limited mobilization for Vietnam.

The Guard reaped the fruits of the all-Volunteer concept; it became more closely integrated in peacetime with the active Army and Air Force than any previous generation. Peacetime overseas deployments to Germany for REFORGER or Central America for VOLANT OAK or FUERTES CAMINOS strengthened their mobilization skills. The 1990 mobilization for the Gulf War in the quickest, most efficient mobilization in Guard history – up to that point.

Current Guard members will never forget and is still responding to 9/11. Today, our Guardsmen serve with the same purpose as their 18 generations of forebears, but with an array of equipment – jet fighters, helicopters, rocket artillery, armoured vehicles, satellite radios, global positioning systems – the like of which their ancestors couldn’t dream of.


New dial out prefix is in effect

Effective Friday, Dec. 8, all employees who work at the DMAVA Lawrenceville complex, and the Veterans Homes in Paramus and Vineland will no longer use 9 to dial for an outside line. The new dial-out prefix will be 3. Examples are:

This is the first phase in converting the dial-out prefix for DMAVA facilities on a state-wide basis. This process is being implemented in order to reduce the number of mis-dialed 911 calls by staff members.

Any questions should be referred to Sophie Guzikowski, 609-530-6925 or e-mail


DMAVA Toy and Coat drives update

As it has been said…..”Charity starts at home” and this year we have been given the ability to donate the toys and coats that we collect to an organization of our choosing.

The toys that we collect this year will be given to the Family Readiness Group for distribution to the children of deployed members of the New Jersey National Guard. The coats that we collect, both male and female, will be given to the homeless Veterans at DMAVA’s Veteran Haven.

So please be generous in your donations this year and help those who are less fortunate.

Central Office drop off point will be in the main lobby, Veteran Homes drop off points will be in the Human Resource Offices and other facilities drop off points will be as designated.

If there any questions, please contact Paul Serdiuk at 609-530-6878.


DMAVA award winners for 2nd Tripartite

DMAVA award winners for the 2nd Tripartite - May, June, July and August 2006
DMAVA Central Office
Cindy Leese
Manager 1 - Human Resources Division

Menlo Park Veterans Memorial Home
Millicent Paulette Young
Secretarial Assistant 2

Paramus Veterans Memorial Home
Michael Paccione
Manager 1 - Human Resources Division

Vineland Veterans Memorial Home
Sandra Crosbie
Human Services Technician

DMAVA team award winners for the 2nd Tripartite - May, June, July and August 2006
DMAVA Federal Team Award Employees
Lt. Col. Robert M. Kelly and Maj. David C. Zink
Chief, Intelligence Branch and Intelligence Officer
108th Air Refueling Wing, McGuire AFB

DMAVA Central Office
Latisha Malicoat and Herman Hodge
ChalleNGe Youth, Fort Dix

Paramus Veterans Memorial Home Team Award
Dena Kinder, Christina Leach, Jeanette Molina and Mike Paccione
Human Resource Office

Nominations for the 3rd Tripartite (September to December 2006) are due in personnel by Jan. 10, 2007. The Employee of the Year for 2006 will be selected from those who have received the Employee of the Tripartite for this award year. Awards ceremony for this ceremony will be held in February. Any questions on the information above, please contact Pat Smith at 609-530-6847.


DMAVA saves money with new light bulbs – so can you

The DMAVA Cafeteria and Conference room had 55 watt Incandescent Bulbs replaced with 14 watt Compact Fluorescent Lamps. This Simple Energy Saving Procedure will save DMAVA approximately $2,427 per year. The costs of Compact Fluorescent Lamps are dropping in price and are becoming more cost effective to use them at home and in the work place.


Hire A Hero – new program to help find jobs

HQ Group, who currently runs the Helmets to Hardhats program, is expanding! Hire A Hero is our newest initiative that helps transitioning military personnel, Guard Members and Reservists find jobs across all industries.

Hire A Hero is a non-profit initiative that is powered by the Armed Forces Support Foundation. That foundation works to help keep the military promise. That promise is that military service has value and those who serve our country deserve more than a “Thank You.” They, as well as their family members, deserve good paying jobs to support themselves and their families after returning home from battle.

To find out more about these programs, visit the following Web sites: or



Fill Your Date Book

Holiday party at Drumthwacket for families of deployed Soldiers

There will be a Holiday get together for spouses, parents and children of Soldiers currently deployed. The event will take place on Dec. 9, from 1-3 p.m., at Drumthwacket, the Official Residence of the Governor of New Jersey. Those interested in attending need to contact your FRG President as soon as possible and provide the names of those attending and the ages of any children. There will be a Santa to give away little gift bags to all the children. Deadline for submission of names of attendees is November 22. For direction go to:


Radio at Fort Dix wants you to be part of live audience

National Public Radio (NPR) invites you to a national broadcast live at Fort Dix, Tuesday, Dec. 12, at Timmermann Center. It will be hosted by Neal Conan of NPR’s Talk of the Nation program.
Shipping Out (2 – 3 p.m.)

Getting ready to go to war requires both physical and psychological training. We’ll hear from people whose job it is to prepare our Soldiers for combat, and with those who work with families to prepare them for the special strains of deployment.
Please arrive no later than 1:45 p.m.

The Civilian Soldier: Future of the National Guard and Army Reserve (3 – 4 p.m.)
The long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq place unprecedented strains on the Guard and Reserves, raising critical questions about the structure and design of the armed forces, and about the lives of the men and women involved, including the issue of stop/loss, recruiting and retention, and the future of citizen Soldiers.
Please arrive no later than 2:45 p.m.

Guests include:
Col. Douglas Dinon, Deputy Commander for Mobilization at Ft. Dix
Retired Maj. Gen. Mike Davidson, former Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for National Guard Matters
Brig. Gen. C. Stewart Rodeheaver, Deputy Commanding General, First Army, Fort Gillem, Ga.
Joan Cole, Ft. Dix Family Support Group
Special Performance
Stand-up comedian and former Army supply specialist Tom Irwin joins us. Irwin has performed for front-line troops in Iraq and Afghanistan with the group “Comics On Duty.”
Be part of our live audience and add your voice to the conversation.


DMAVA Holiday Party, December 15

The DMAVA/JFHRS Holiday Party which will be held on Friday, December 15. The cost of the party is $10. It will be catered by Amici’s; the menu includes Chicken Piccata, Veal Parmigiana, broiled fresh catch of the day or white fish.
The Town Hall meeting will be held at 10:30 a.m. Attendance for the Town Hall is not mandatory. If personnel opt not to attend the Holiday Party, it will be a normal and full workday at their normal duty station.

Part of the party activity will include decorating a tree with lights. If you would like to bring an ornament to hang on our DMAVA/JFHQRS tree celebrating the holiday season “From your Family to Ours” we will hang all of “your” ornaments on “our” tree.

If you are planning on attending, please see your departmental representative to pay no later than Monday, December 11.

Department representatives are:
DMAVA: Darlene Laarz: 609-530-6992
Karen Wallace: 609-530-6766
Dawn Esposito: 609-530-6717
FT DIX: Marie Durling: 609-562-0739
HSCOE: Kevin Hearn: 609-530-7069


DMAVA Goes A Wassailing, December 19

Each of the offices and directorates in DMAVA, Lawrenceville will participate in “DAMAVA Goes A Wassailing” on Tuesday December 19, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The offices will be decorated and offer holiday food and drink. Employees are invited to visit every area to share in the holiday cheer.


Honorable Mention

Holiday gift giving suggestions for military, veterans, others

The holidays are coming.  The stores are loaded with items for sale, lists are at the ready from the children in our lives and the cooler weather brings thoughts of snow, sleds and the winter holidays.  Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa, gifting is often part of the festivities.

Some people cannot be with family or friends during this holiday season and you can help them find some joy in their lives.  Maybe a gift to an organization in a loved one’s name will bring a smile that special person and holiday joy to someone that truly needs your help.

Here are some suggestions for your holiday gift giving.

Go to  “America Supports You” is a nationwide program launched by the Department of Defense recognizing support of our military men and women and communicates that support to members of our Armed Forces at home and abroad.  If it is sending an e-mail or packing up items to send to a service member or sewing a blanket or writing a letter; “America Supports You” can find a group that does that for the members of the military and their families. 

When you walk through the store, do the rows of toys call your name, drawing you in to explore and make you want to buy?  Maybe you should think about the Toys for Tots program.  The mission of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community in which the campaign is conducted. The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver, through a shiny new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to needy youngsters that will motivate them to grow into responsible, productive, patriotic citizens and community leaders.  Visit their web site, , to find out more about the program.

Closer to home, Veterans Haven has a wish list that includes items such as: personal hygiene items for men and women, sweat pants and shirts in various sizes, twin size sheet sets and blankets, pre-paid phone cards, scarves and gloves, and more. Call Robert Sauselein, Veterans Haven superintendent at 609-561-4948, ext 103 if you have any questions or need to drop off items.

The Paramus Memorial Veterans Home has a large list of wishes for the veterans who live there.  Items start with monetary donations to cover everything from the maintenance on the aquariums in the dayrooms to trips and outings for the veterans.  The list continues for requests of various furniture items on to CDs, DVDs, clothing of all types and sizes, electronic items, personal hygiene items, and lots of miscellaneous items to include: batteries of all sizes, magnifying glasses, eyeglass repair kits, sports bottles, postage stamps for personal mail and lots more. Call Susan Pettigrano, director of Volunteer Services, 201-634-8504, if you have questions or need to drop off items.

If you live closer to Menlo Park Veterans Home, some of their wish list items include DVD players, portable CD players, extra large T-shirts, universal remote controls, large face watches, white tube socks, wheelchair cushions, electric razors and full-size blankets.  Call Ed Weisenhorn, director of Volunteer Services, 732-452-4133, for questions or to drop off items.

Finally, Vineland Veterans Home’s wish list consists of computer supplies, DVDs and CDs, new Velcro sneakers and shoes in all sizes, tennis balls, phone cards, batteries in all sizes, talking watches, various types of personal hygiene items, coffee beans and large wheelchair bags and wheelchair cup holders.

If you would like a copy of the wish lists of Vets Haven and the three Veterans Homes, drop an e-mail to and a copy of the lists will be sent to you.


Discounts offered for State employees

Are you a state employee looking to save a few $$$? Visit and you can find a number of businesses who offer discounts to New Jersey state employees. From amusement parks to fitness to computer to phones and lots of other discounts between, you will find many ways to save money. For more information on each discount, please contact Patty Smith at or call 609-530-6847.

Discounts offered for State employees

Are you a state employee looking to save a few $$$? Visit and you can find a number of businesses who offer discounts to New Jersey state employees.  From amusement parks to fitness to computer to phones and lots of other discounts between, you will find many ways to save money. For more information on each discount, please contact Patty Smith at or call 609-530-6847.


Free Military Handbooks on website

Military Handbooks has announced the launch of its new website and the release of its latest seven FREE handbooks for military personnel.  Military Handbooks is a small company owned and operated by former federal employees and veterans. Their offices are located in Alexandria, Va.   

These free handbooks were written specifically for military members. To get your own copies of these free handbooks, simply go to their new website:  The handbooks include: 

     - 2007 U.S. Military Handbook
     - 2007 U.S. Military Retired Handbook
     - 2007 Getting Uncle Sam To Pay For Your College Degree
     - 2007 After The Military Handbook
     - 2007 Benefits For Veterans And Dependents Handbook
     - 2007 Veterans Healthcare Benefits Handbook
     - 2007 Military Children's Scholarship Handbook 


Guard gate now has a phone line

The Guard Booth Telephone Number is 609-671-6623.

Effective immediately all Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Employees that interface with outside personnel for hosting on-site meetings here at the Lawrenceville Headquarters are directed to notify the security guard when expecting scheduled visitors. If you are expecting a large party for a meeting or event please provide a roster of attendees, with the meeting date time and location to the gate guard prior to the event.


DMAVA Hotline

The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Emergency Hotline is:

You will hear the following message:
You have reached the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Emergency Information Number. Please listen to the following menu choices and select an appropriate option:

State employees – press 1
Federal employees – press 2
National Guard employees – press 3


Enlisted Association of the National Guard of New Jersey

Give our state a larger voice by becoming a member of the Enlisted Association. The increased numbers will help us speak on all legislative issues that will benefit you and your families. The association works hard for you at the Federal & State level on all important issues. Visit the web site, click on Become a Member for the application and find out more about what the association does.


For the Families

ACS at Fort Dix offers programs to Soldiers and family members

The Army Community Service (ACS) office at Ft Dix has several programs to support the Soldier and his/her family during mobilization and deployment.  Their number is (609) 562-2767 or (800) 877-2380 and they are located in Building 5201 at Maryland Ave and 8th Street.  Some of the programs available are:

- Army Emergency Relief:  Provides emergency financial assistance to active duty military personnel, retirees, National Guard and Reserve Component on active duty for over 30 consecutive days and their family members (with ID Card and power of attorney).

- Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP):  Entitles member to additional benefits through TRICARE's Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) Program.  Provides information, referrals, crisis intervention, community support and assistance to meet individual needs.

- Family Advocacy Program:  Provides for the identification, reporting, prevention, and treatment of child abuse and domestic violence.

- Employment Readiness Program:  Offers information and referral for employment, education (resume writing, interviewing), volunteer & training opportunities.


Family Readiness Council offers Tier I and II grants

The New Jersey National Guard State Family Readiness Council has expanded its Family Grants Program to include an additional grant.  There are now two levels of Family Grants; TIER I is the $2,500 grant that has been in place for the past couple of years.  The TIER II opens family grants to New Jersey Army and Air National Guard non-deployed service members who were on State Active Duty or State Missions (e.g., hurricanes, floods, border missions) for more than 20 consecutive days.  Service members meeting these criteria are eligible to apply for a financial hardship grant up to $1,500.  Applications are available at all New Jersey Army and Air National Guard Family Assistance Centers.


Family Programs on the calendar

Dec. 9, time TBD FRG/NCO Charlie Co. Annual Holiday Party, Burlington VFW 1817
Dec. 15, time TBD West Orange FRG Girls Night Out
Dec. 16, 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. 177th FW Children’s Holiday Party, dining hall, Pomona Air Base


Family Readiness Group Meeting schedule

Bordentown Armory – B Co 250th SBF & Co D 250th BSB – Jan. 20, 10 a.m.
Newark Armory – A, B, E Co’s 2-113th Inf – Dec. 20, 7 p.m.
Teaneck Armory – 50th SBM – Dec. 21, 7 p.m.


Recreation and Sports

NJ Air and Army Guard Night at the Nets

Come watch the New Jersey Nets do battle against the Cleveland Cavaliers on the New Jersey Air and Army National Guard Night, Wednesday, Dec. 20 at 8 p.m. Tickets are reduced pricing for seats on the second level of the arena.
Cost is $30 for second level, rows 16-24; $35 for second level, center rows 16-24 or corners, rows 1-15; and $55 for second level, center rows 1-15. An optional $5 food coupon is available for a hot dog and medium soda.

Deadline for ordering tickets is December 13. If interested, call Senior Master Sgt. Dave Whalen, 108th Air Refueling Wing, 609-754-3616


Amusement park offers military discount

Dollywood, Dolly Parton’s amusement park located in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., near Gatlinburg, has always been proud to assist military families. Dollywood is pleased to offer a 30% discount on one-day admission tickets for active, retired and military reservists, spouses and dependents when military personnel IDs and dependent IDs are presented. This offer is only good at the front gate ticketing areas of the Park; these tickets cannot be pre-purchased. This offer is good at Dollywood until December 30, 2006. For more information on the discount and Dollywood, please visit


Scholarship News

MOAA offers scholarships

The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) has a scholarship program for the children of MOAA members as well as the children of active duty, retired, Reserve and National Guard enlisted military personnel. The application period for the 2007-2008 school year begins Nov. 1, 2006 and the deadline is March 1, 2007. Members of the New Jersey Army and Air National Guard who are interested, can learn more about the scholarship program, by visiting the MOAA website,, and clicking on “Educational Aid.”


Defense Commissary Agency offers scholarships

The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) announced last week that the application process for its Scholarships for Military Children program has now begun for 2007. Applications for the $1,500 scholarships are available at 264 commissaries worldwide, or can be downloaded through links at,, or

The program is open to unmarried children under the age of 21 (23 if enrolled in school) of military active-duty, Reserve, Guard and retired personnel. Eligibility will be determined using the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System database. Applicants should ensure that they, as well as their sponsor, are enrolled in the DEERS database and have a current ID card.

The applicant must be planning to attend, or already attending, an accredited college, or university full-time in the fall term of 2007, or enrolled in a program of studies designed to transfer directly into a four-year program. Applications for 2007, which includes an essay on "how and why" the applicant would change an historical event, must be turned in at a commissary by close of business on February 21, 2007. At least one $1,500 scholarship will be awarded at every commissary location with qualified applicants.



Grantham University scholarships: Grantham University offers a scholarship program to severely injured service members and their spouses and adult children.  Go to for more information.  They also have scholarship programs for military veterans, service members, and family members.

Widener University CARES Scholarship: Widener University, Chester, Pa., has a full scholarship program for children of Global War on Terrorism service members who were killed in action.  Contact the Office of Admissions at 610-499-4126 for more information.


Veterans Information

DMAVA Veterans Outreach Campaign continues.

The DMVA Veterans Outreach Campaign continues with kiosk displays at selected malls throughout New Jersey.  The schedule is as follows:

January 11-13

Brunswick Square Mall

February 8-10, 2007 Moorestown Mall
Feb. 28, Mar. 1-3, 2007 Hamilton Mall
April 4-6, 2007 Cherry Hill Mall

The kiosk will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the identified dates.


NJ Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial and Vietnam Era Educational Center’s upcoming event schedule.

Upcoming Events

Dec. 2 / 1 p.m. "The Day It Snowed in Vietnam," poetry reading and discussion by the poet, Vietnam Veteran Jim Scheuckler. * * PROGRAM CANCELLED * *

Dec. 9 / 6 p.m. Holiday Lighting ceremony at the NJ Vietnam Veterans' Memorial.

Lecture attendees are asked to RSVP to (732) 335-0033.  A donation of $5 per person is suggested.  The Educational Center is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.  Regular admission is free for veterans and active-duty military personnel.  Regular adult admission is $4; student and senior citizen admission is $2; and children under 10 are admitted free.

For more information, please call the NJ Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation office at (732) 335-0033 or (800) 648-VETS.  The Vietnam Era Educational Center is located adjacent to the NJ Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial off the Garden State Parkway at Exit 116. 

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