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New Jersey Freedom Loans

What is a Freedom Loan?

* Up to $10,000
* Annual APR 6%
* Term: 5 years (no pre-payment penalty)
* Unsecured Loan (no collateral required)

Who is eligible to apply?

NJ residents who are:
* Members of the National Guard or Reserve
* Mobilized for one year or longer to fight in the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) – excluding routine training.


* Served 90 or more consecutive days in the GWOT on federal or state active duty (excluding routing training) and have received orders extending cumulative active duty a year or longer.

How do I apply?

* Contact participating banks. Call or visit your local branch office to obtain an application.
* Guardmembers, Reservists, or family members with Power of Attorney must submit copies of current mobilization orders with the bank’s Freedom Loan application.

Current participants:

Commerce Bank

Credit Union of NJ
609-538-4061, ext. 401

First Morris Bank & Trust

Manasquan Savings Bank

North Jersey Federal Credit Union

Peapack-Gladstone Bank (908)

Pennsville National Bank


Sovereign Bank

Sun National Bank


Don’t forget…

Valentine’s Day
Tuesday, 14 February 2006

“Love is a promise, Love is a souvenir, Once given, never forgotten,Never let it disappear.”

- John Lennon (1940-1980)

U.S. Congressman Robert Andrews visits DMAVA

U.S. Congressman Robert Andrews, First Congressional District of New Jersey, visited DMVA on Monday, 6 February 2006.  Beginning his visit with a discussion about the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations, the Congressman praised the Guard for their dedication and courage.  A tour of the Homeland Security Center of Excellence followed with Congressman Andrews commending MG Glenn K. Rieth for his efforts at making New Jersey safer for its citizens.

SGT (Ret) Joseph Nyzio awarded Army Commendation Medal

SGT (Ret) Joseph Nyzio was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service in a ceremony conducted at the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMAVA) on Friday, 10 February 2006.  SGT (Ret) Nyzio received the award for actions taken while stationed in Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

The Director of Veterans Healthcare Services, BG Frank Carlini, presented the medal as the Director of Veterans Programs, Bill Devereaux, read the Order before an assembly of the DMAVA staff.  Joseph is the newly appointed National Guard Bureau Contract Liaison for Veterans Affairs.  He began work at DMAVA on 6 February 2006, and is a former member of the 3rd Battalion 112th Field Artillery, NJ Army National Guard.

American Legion makes a generous donation to the Veterans Memorial Home at Menlo Park

On 7 February 2006, Mr. Joseph Brandspiegel, Chief Executive Officer of the NJ Veterans Memorial Home at Menlo Park, accepted a $5,000 donation from Mr. Ronald Davie, Commander of the T. Nutly Post 471 of the American Legion.  Mr. Brandspiegel thanked the American Legion for their continued support of the Home, and stated that the donation would be put to good use to benefit all of the residents.  This donation is typical of the exceptional support that the Veterans Memorial Homes receive from the state’s veterans organizations.  Their donations of time and funds add immeasurably to the quality of life for all of our residents.

Veterans Memorial Home at Vineland held Black History Month celebration

The New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home at Vineland held its 10th Black History Program on Thursday, February 9, 2006 with approximately 220 in attendance.  This celebration is a time when all cultures come together to share and recognize the contributions made by African Americans to our great nation.  It was an honor to have Revered Dr. W. Wilson Goode, Sr., former Mayor of Philadelphia, as the keynote speaker.  Various displays were on exhibit and guests were treated to a delicious ethnic luncheon and musical entertainment by the facility’s choir.  The facility’s Cultural Diversity Committee is to be commended for their hard work in developing a truly outstanding program.

108th Air Refueling Wing completes successful Silver Flag exercise

Leading 150 Airmen from 16 bases and 13 states, the 108th Air Refueling Wing’s Civil Engineering Squadron successfully completed a Silver Flag exercise at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, in January. 

Lt Col Paul Novello, Commander of the 108th CES, was the Camp Commander during the exercise whose 40 Airmen melded effectively with Airmen from active duty, Reserves, and Guard to perform their duties.

Lt Col Novello said that the best things about coming to Silver Flag were that they were able to do hands-on training without being encumbered with the day-to-day issues of home base.  “Plus, all of the pieces of the Civil Engineering (CE) puzzle are together and we have added finance, services, contracting, and personnel, so it is quite a complete package, similar to if we would deploy,” he said.

During the training Lt Col Novello stressed unit and safety and his emphasis worked as the entire group came away from the exercise injury free.  “Silver Flag was better than my wildest dreams,” he said with a big smile.

Two of the four “Outstanding Performers” recognized by the 823rd Red Horse cadre during this Silver Flag Exercise were from the 108th CES.  They were Staff Sgt. Carlos Morales and Master Sgt. Marie Reavis. 

“I am extremely proud of the job that CE did while at Silver Flag, and the way they have always performed,” said Lt Col Novello.  “And, I know they will continue to perform exceptionally.


Operation Military Kids (OMK)

What is OMK?  OMK is a collaborative outreach initiative to provide support and assistance to geographically dispersed military youth and their families.  OMK has partnerships with the USDA, Child and Youth Services, National 4-H program.  Boys and Girls Clubs of America and American Legions.

- Creates community support network for military youth “in our own backyard” when Soldier parents are deployed.

- Delivers recreation, social, educational programs for military youth living in civilian communities.

- Supports military kids coping with the stress of knowing their deployed parents may be in harm’s way.

- Collaborates with schools to ensure that staff is attuned to the unique needs of military students.

- Educates the public on the impact of the deployment cycle on Soldiers, families, kids, and the community.

OMK includes Speak Out for Military Kids (SOMK), a state-wide initiative to educate citizens about the impact of deployments on all members of the community.  The OMK initiative has also developed Hero Packs, which are backpacks that are given to deployed service members’ children.  The backpacks recognize the strengths of military-connected children and thank the youth for their sacrifices they make when their loved ones are deployed.

OMK members will be meeting on Sunday, February 25, 2006, from 10-3 p.m. in Westhampton, Burlington County.  To register for this event, please check out the website at

This program is opened to ANYONE interested – ages 0-99.   For more information, please contact the NJNG Youth Coordinator Amanda Balas at 609-562-0742 or


Support the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of New Jersey

Once again, the Enlisted Association is asking for your support by becoming a member of the Enlisted Association again this year.  Your continued support will increase our numbers and give our State a larger voice on all legislative issues that will benefit you and your families.  Your Association works for you at the Federal and State level on all important issues.  Visit our website and click on Benefits for the application and also find out more about what we do.  Thank you for your support.  You can reach the Membership Chairman, Jerome Zebrowski, with any questions at 609-214-6959 or or Co-Chairman, Edward Goetschius, at 609-965-1972 or


America Supports You – Anheuser-Busch Extends Military Tribute

Anheuser-Busch launched “Here’s to the Heroes” in February 2005 to acknowledge the service of military men and women and the sacrifices made by their families.  More than 900,000 members of U.S. and coalition armed forces took advantage of the program offering free admission to Anheuser-Busch theme parks.  The program provides a single day’s free admission to any one Sea World or Busch Gardens park, Sesame Place, Adventure Island or Water Country USA for the servicemember and as many as three of his or her direct dependents.  Additional information can be found at:   


PREP is NOT therapy

PREP is NOT therapy, and is unlike anything to which you have been exposed.  No encounter group or sharing of personal concerns, simply thrilling insights into a more loving, grown filled relationship!  PREP begins with teaching effective communication skills, addresses problem resolution strategies that work, and teaches how to discover the hidden issues in every relationship.  The program then moves into friendship, forgiveness, fun, and sensuality.  If you are interested in attending (soldiers that were deployed are given priority) or need additional information, please call Marie Durling at 609-562-0739. 

PREP is scheduled to be held at the Ramada Inn, East Windsor, New Jersey on the following dates:  17-19 February and 24-26 March 2006.


Part-time opportunities in Military Funeral Honors Program.

The New Jersey Army National Guard Military Funeral Honors Program has several part-time employment opportunities immediately available across the state for TDGs and Technicians.  Earn one day’s base pay and one retirement point for a few hours work providing Military Funeral Honors for our Veterans.  If you are interested, please contact SGM Edward Goetschius, Military Funeral Honors Coordinator, at 609-530-7090 or by e-mail at

NJ Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial and Vietnam Era Educational Center’s upcoming event schedule.

11 February, 1:00pm
“An African American in the Vietnam War:  A Black History Month Presentation”  - an oral-history discussion by NJ Vietnam Veteran Calvin Gross

25 March, 1:00pm
“Screaming Eagles in Vietnam:  The 101st Airborne Division during the War”  -- an oral history discussion and slide presentation by NJ Vietnam Veteran Peter Engelhardt.

7 April, 5:00pm
Scholarship Deadline - Scholarships ($2,500 each) will be awarded to two graduating seniors from NJ who plan to further their education either at a college, university, or technical/trade school.  Scholarship details and application forms can be obtained at or by calling (732) 335-0033.

29 April, 1:00pm
“The Trail” – video presentation of an illustrated narrative about “walking point” in a combat patrol in the Vietnam War, by Vietnam Veteran Robin Bartlett.

7 May, 11:00am
NJ Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day Ceremony

20 May, 1:00pm
For Armed Forces Day – “The Originals” – The Women’s Auxiliary Ferry Squadron of WWII – Breaking the Gure ender Barrier in Military Aviation – a lecture by Honey Fulton Parker, youngest sister of one of the first WAFS, Dorothy Fulton.

29 May, 11:00am
Memorial Day Ceremony.

For more information, please call the NJ Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation office at (732) 335-0033. or (800) 648-VETS.

The Vietnam Era Educational Center is located adjacent to the NJ Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial off the Garden State Parkway at Exit 116.

Family Readiness Council Grants available.

The State Family Readiness Council has established a Grant Program that will provide both Family and Business Grants to deserving New Jersey National Guard families impacted by deployment. Additional information regarding these grants is available at Family Assistance Centers and Family Readiness Groups throughout the state. Those interested should contact Family Assistance at 1-888-859-0352.

Fitness Corner - Ernest Razzano, Certified Fitness Trainer, ISSA

Low Carb Diets

Here’s what you NEED to know regarding all those low carbohydrate diets.  The fact is you need carbohydrates for your brain, heart, and muscles among other vital organs.  The main fuel of the brain and central nervous system is glucose, which is most easily obtained from carbohydrates.  If carbohydrates remain unavailable for several days, the body attempts to conserve essential protein by producing an alternative fuel source known as ketones, from the partial burning of fatty acids.  As the breakdown continues, these ketones build in the blood causing an abnormal condition called ketosis.  Initial weight loss is NOT fat but water from the kidney’s attempting to rid the body of excess ketones.  Ketogenic diets make the blood more acidic upsetting the body’s chemical balance and causing potentially serious and unpleasant side effects like headaches, bad breath, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea.  In addition, when carbohydrate stores are depleted in the body, the rate at which fat is metabolized is reduced.   Therefore, carbohydrates are essential in the ability to metabolize fat.

While it is true that a large volume of weight will be lost as glycogen (stored carbohydrate) depletes in the muscle and liver, but this weight is from water, not fat loss.  This will not help body composition or overall health.  It is also true that the body will rely more on free fatty acids for fuel when muscle glycogen is depleted, however, the body will rely much more on amino acids (protein) supplied from the breakdown of lean tissue as well.  So while you may burn ft, you will also burn more muscle.  In addition to this, individuals on a carbohydrate-restricted diet have lower energy levels and experience shorter time to fatigue during exercise.  This means that workouts will likely be cut short and lower in intensity.

NJ Air National Guard Girls Softball Team plans St. Patty’s Day event.

Join the NJ Air National Guard Girls Softball Team for a St. Patty’s Day Dance and Chinese Auction on 18 March, 6-10 p.m., at the VFW in Cookstown, NJ. Tickets are $25 and include a buffet, music, door prize, cash bar and auction items. Buy your tickets by March 11 from Master Sgts Bonnie Gaskell, 609-562-0925, Tania Prairie, 609-754-2308, Keith Hyde, 609-754-6870, and Staff Sgt Stephanie Marshall, 609-754-8903.

Super Bowl Fun Facts - Super Bowl XL

Today is Friday, February 10th.  It is the  41st day of the year with 314  remaining.      

1863 – In New York City, two of the world’s most famous midgets, General Tom thumb and Lavinia Warren were married.

1863 – First U.S. fire extinguisher patent granted to Alanson Crane, Virginia.

1870 – YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) is founded in New York City.

1897 – The New York Times began printing “All the news that’s fit to print” on their front page

1933 – The singing telegram was introduced by the Postal Telegraph Company of New York City.

1935 – The Pennsylvania Railroad began passenger service with its electric locomotive.  The engine was 79½ feet long and weighed 230 tons.

1942 – The Normandie, the former French liner, capsized in New York Harbor.  The day before the ship had caught fire while it was being fitted for the U.S. Navy.

1962 – The Soviet Union exchanged captured American U2 pilot, Francis Gary Powers, for the Soviet spy Rudolph Ivanovich Abel being held by the U.S.

1967 – The 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified.  The amendment required the appointment of a vice-president when that office became vacant and instituted new measures in the event of a presidential disability.

1990 – South African President F.W. de Klerk announced that black activist Nelson Mandela would be released the next day after 27 years in captivity

2005 – North Korea publicly announced for the first time that it had nuclear arms.  The country also rejected attempts to restart disarmament talks in the near future saying that it needed the weapons as protection against an increasingly hostile United States.


Ash Wednesday Services are scheduled

DMAVA - 0900 - Cafeteria
JFHQ - Ft. Dix - 1030 - Drill Floor Bldg 3560
108th ARW - 1200 - 108th Operations Auditorium, Bldg 3390
177th FW - 1430 - Dining Hall Bldg 400

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14 June - Trenton Thunder Military Appreciation Day
15 June - Unity Day


State Offices will be closed on Monday

All state offices will be closed on Monday, 13 February 2006, in observance of Lincoln's Birthday.

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