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1 November 2002
Joint Chief of Staff, COL (Ret) Michael B. Smith
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  1. MARK YOUR CALENDAR AND EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE.ELECTION DAY IS THIS COMING TUESDAY, 5 NOVEMBER 2002. Just one vote can and sometimes does make a difference in the outcome of an election. Don't forget to exercise your right to vote; have a voice in exactly who will comprise the government; and how that government will effect you.

  2. FLU SHOTS ARE SCHEDULED FOR WEDNESDAY, 13 NOVEMBER 2002, FROM 9:00 A.M. TO 1 P.M. Staff from the Veterans Memorial Home at Menlo Park will distribute the flu shots. We will have a limited number of flu shots, and they will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are interested in receiving a flu shot, please furnish your name and phone number to Robin Spaulding-Smith, Director, Human Resources Division, at not later than 6 November 2002.

  3. LTC WAYNE HUNT, DIRECTOR OF THE INFORMATION AND ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES DIVISION, AND MEMBERS OF HIS STAFF ATTENDED THE 1ST ANNUAL NJ DIGITAL GOVERNMENT SUMMIT, which was held this week in Princeton. This two-day seminar, the first of its kind in New Jersey, brought together over 400 state and local government leaders to work collaboratively and share ideas to make government more efficient and effective in today's changing times. The two-day event, at which Governor McGreevey was the guest speaker, included IT exhibits and breakout sessions. LTC Hunt was an integral part of the team that proposed the seminar and created its agenda.

  4. 3rd BATTALION, 112TH FIELD ARTILLERY RECEIVES NEW EQUIPMENT. New Equipment Training (NET) for the Gun Laying and Positioning System (GLPS) was conducted at the Lawrenceville Armory on 26-27 October 2002 by the GLPS NET Team, Rock Island Arsenal, IL. This training was attended by 21 students from 3-112th Field Artillery, D-112th Field Artillery, and Combined Support Maintenance Shop-B. The GLPS was demonstrated to be an extremely accurate system that will allow the Field Artillery to establish directional control in any position without conventional survey. Since this system is in addition to the M2 Aiming Circle, it will provide much greater flexibility in positioning, improved accuracy in directional and fire control and less 'downtime' due to survey verification errors.

  5. THE NEW JERSEY NATIONAL GUARD'S 108TH AIR REFUELING WING AND THE 177TH FIGHTER WING WERE HONORED BY THE PUBLIC PRESENTATION OF AN OFFICIAL RESOLUTION BY THE NEW JERSEY SENATE ON THURSDAY, 31 OCTOBER 2002. State Senator Peter Inverso, a former member of the 108th Air Refueling Wing, and Senate Co-Presidents Richard J. Codey and John O. Bennett, recognized the service and contributions of the citizen-soldiers of the NJ Air National Guard in the months following the terror attacks against America. The F-16 Fighting Falcons of the 177th Fighter Wing, stationed at the Atlantic City International Airport, have flown and continue to fly a record number of sorties in the skies over the Northeast, including Washington, DC, and New York City. The 108th's Stratotankers have been providing around the clock in-flight refueling to aircraft from the US Air Force, Air Force Reserve, and Allied Air Forces involved in "Operation Enduring Freedom," the global war against terrorism, and "Operation Noble Eagle," the Homeland Security missions ongoing here in the United States.

  6. THE NEW JERSEY ARMY NATIONAL GUARD TO CONDUCT THREE CHANGE OF COMMAND CEREMONIES. On Saturday, 2 November 2002, at 1300 hours, the 42nd DISCOM's 250th Forward Support Battalion will see LTC William Rochelle transfer command to LTC Deborah Allen. This will occur in the Battalion Armory at the National Guard Training Center in Sea Girt, NJ. On Sunday, 3 November 2002, at 1000 hours the Training and Training Technology Battle Lab, Fort Dix, NJ will witness outgoing Commander COL H. Donald Capps welcome incoming Commander COL Charles Ragucci. Later that same day, the 57th Troop Command's 1st Battalion, 150th Aviation will change command from LTC John DiNapoli to LTC Robert Vicci. The ceremony will be held in the Battalion's armory at Mercer County Airport, West Trenton, New Jersey. All department personnel, family and friends are invited to attend these significant military ceremonies.

  7. COLONEL LARRY STROUD, PRESIDENT OF THE NATIONAL GUARD ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY, ANNOUNCED THE APPROVAL OF THE LIEUTENANT THOMAS E. WILLIAMS LEADERSHIP AWARD, WHICH WILL BE PRESENTED TO A MEMBER OF THE ARMY OR AIR NATIONAL GUARD. The award will honor the memory of Lieutenant Williams, a native of New Jersey who was born on October 27, 1925. Lt Williams was a graduate of the Army Air Force pilot training program at the Tuskegee Army Airfield, Alabama, in 1945. On May 7, 1945 he joined the New Jersey Air National Guard as a member of the 108th Fighter-Bomber Group. When New Jersey became the first state to ban segregation in its National Guard, Lt Williams became the first recorded black National Guard aviator. On January 15, 1955, during a routine training mission, his F-86A jet entered into an unrecoverable spin and crashed. Lieutenant Williams stayed with the disabled aircraft long enough to clear populated areas, thus saving many lives and sealing his fate. The award presentation will recognize an individual, who has demonstrated strong personal character, evidence of citizenship/leadership, and a dedication in the battle against intolerance, social injustice, and discrimination, and to affirm the New Jersey National Guard and the Association's commitment to diversity. Eligibility: Commissioned Officers in the Grades of 01-03 and W1-W2. Non-Commissioned Officers in the Grades of E5-E9.

  8. THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS OF NURSING SERVICES OF THE NEW JERSEY VETERANS MEMORIAL HOMES MET AT TRENTON PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL FOR AN iNOVAR PRESENTATION. iNOVAR is a software program, presently used by the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, that would assist the nursing office with staff scheduling and flex pool management.

  9. THE NEW JERSEY EMPLOYER SUPPORT OF THE GUARD AND RESERVE COMMITTEE (NJ ESGR) IS ACCEPTING NOMINATIONS TO RECOGNIZE DESERVING MUNICIPAL OR COUNTY EMPLOYERS AT THE NEW JERSEY STATE LEAGUE OF MUNICIPALITIES ANNUAL CONFERENCE, which is being held later this month at the Sheraton Convention Center Hotel in Atlantic City. It is a great opportunity to recognize county and municipal employers who have been supportive of the NJ Army and Air National Guard troops involved in either "Operation Noble Eagle" or "Operation Enduring Freedom" during the past year. Nominations for awards should be forwarded directly to COL (Ret) Carmen A. Venticinque ( with a very brief comment as to why the employer should be recognized together with the name, day-time phone number, and the unit of the soldier/airman making the recommendation, together with the name and day-time phone number of their employer. There is no limit on the number of nominations. Please respond prior to 6 November 2002 to allow time to prepare the awards and properly coordinate employer participation at the presentations in Atlantic City.

  10. CHIEF OF POLICE CHARLES MOOSE OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND, IS NOT ONLY THE LEADER OF THE MANHUNT THAT SUCCESSFULLY CAUGHT THE WASHINGTON, D.C. AREA SNIPER SUSPECTS, BUT A HIGHLY-REGARDED OFFICER IN THE AIR NATIONAL GUARD. Charles Moose, who seemed to breath a little easier on Thursday night, October 24, after two suspects had been arrested without incident early that morning, has become the new poster person for members of the National Guard and other military reservists who also maintain demanding civilian careers. Most Americans know him as Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose, the leader and national spokesman for the multi-agency task force that devoted three weeks to tracking down the sniper who has killed 10 innocent people, wounded three others, and terrorized the people around the nation's capital. His military colleagues also know him as Maj. Charles Moose, Commander of the District of Columbia Air National Guard's 60-member Security Forces Squadron based at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

  11. ATTENTION GUARD AND RESERVE MEMBERS...KEEP YOUR DEFENSE ENROLLMENT ELIGIBILITY REPORT SYSTEM (DEERS) INFORMATION CURRENT AND ACCURATE. Active and Reserve component service members need to understand the importance of updating their own and their family members' eligibility information in DEERS. Sponsors and family members actually lose access to their TRICARE health care benefits when "Loss of Eligibility" appears in DEERS. They are unable to make appointments, get prescriptions filled, or have claims processed. Action must be taken by the sponsor and his/her family members to update information in DEERS, as well as in their military personnel records. Active and reserve component sponsors should visit the nearest ID card issuing facility/unit personnel shop to ensure that their DEERS information is current. For additional information about DEERS or to update information in DEERS, visit

  12. THE ADJUTANT GENERAL'S 2003 COMBAT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCHES ARE ANNOUNCED. The point of contact for information is SFC Barton who can be reached at telephone number 609-562-0756. The dates and locations of the matches are as follows:

  13. Combat Rifle: 12-13 April 2003, Fort Dix (Range #15/35)

    Pistol: 17-18 May 2003, Fort Dix (Range #15/6)

    Sniper: 17-18 May 2003, Fort Dix (Range #15/11)

    LMG (M60): 18 May 2003, Fort Dix (Range #15/11)

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