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23 July 2004
Volume 3, Number 29


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BG Glenn K. Rieth
The Adjutant General

Brig Gen Maria Falca-Dodson
Deputy Adjutant General


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Thought for the day…

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."

- Unknown


New Jersey Freedom Loans

What is a Freedom Loan?

* Up to $10,000

* Annual APR 6%

* Term: 5 years (no pre-payment penalty)

* Unsecured Loan (no collateral required)

Who is eligible to apply?

NJ residents who are:

* Members of the National Guard or Reserve

* Mobilized for one year or longer to fight in the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) – excluding routine training.


* Served 90 or more consecutive days in the GWOT on federal or state active duty (excluding routing training) and have received orders extending cumulative active duty a year or longer.

How do I apply?

* Contact participating banks. Call or visit your local branch office to obtain an application.

* Guardmembers, Reservists, or family members with Power of Attorney must submit copies of current mobilization orders with the bank’s Freedom Loan application.

Current participants:

- Commerce Bank

- First Morris Bank & Trust

- Fleet

- Manasquan Savings Bank

- North Jersey Federal Credit Union

- Peapack-Gladstone Bank
(908) 719-BANK

- Pennsville National Bank


- Sovereign Bank

- Sun National Bank

2004 Air National Guard (ANG) Joint Conference.

Twelve enlisted members of the New Jersey Air National Guard recently attended the 2004 ANG Joint Conference in Tampa Florida. "Engaging Transformation through Leadership" was the theme of this year's conference that was attended by Command Chiefs, Human Resource Advisors, First Sergeants, and junior enlisted personnel. Highlights of the briefings were the diversity briefing by Dr. Samuel Betances, and a powerful leadership briefing by Dr. Dale Henry. Lieutenant General Daniel James III, Director, Air National Guard, was the guest speaker at the closing banquet with entertainment provided by the 82nd Airborne Division's "All-American" Chorus.

Family Appreciation Day –

The Adjutant General, BG Glenn K. Rieth, invites you and your immediate family to Family Appreciation Day on 21 August 2004 (Rain Date: 22 August) at the National Guard Training Center located on the Atlantic Ocean at Sea Girt, NJ. This day is being set aside to thank the families of all our Airmen and Soliders and DMVA employees. The fun begins at 10 a.m. and the day’s activities will feature amusement rides, games, pony rides, clowns, etc. for the kids, and live performances of Doo Wop, Blues, Jazz, Rap, Big Band, Country, and Spanish music for everyone to enjoy. There will be appearances by Miss America, a USO troupe, WWE wrestlers, and the New Jersey National Guard’s very own 63rd Army Band. With games, great food, and an evening of fireworks planned, you won’t want to miss the fun! So come one and come all and join us for a great day in the sun!

Challenge Youth Program will hold a Car Wash on Saturday, 24 July 2004.

It is going to be a great summer weekend. Why not cruise around town in a freshly washed car? This Saturday, 24 July 2004, there will be a car wash sponsored by the Cadets of the New Jersey National Guard ChalleNGe Youth Program. The car wash will take place at the Burger King in Pemberton, New Jersey on the corner of Burlington County Route 530 and Hanover Road from 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. There is no charge for the car wash, but the Student Council of Class #20 will be on hand to accept donations. Proceeds will benefit the Cadets of Class #20. Take a drive over and help the Cadets in your program.

Veterans to be honored at upcoming Medal Ceremonies.

The following ceremonies have been scheduled to honor our State's veterans.

27 July
11 a.m.
Korean War Commemorative Medal Korean War Memorial
The Boardwalk, Atlantic City
28 July
11 a.m.
Distinguished & Meritorious Service Medals Hackettstown Armory
901 Willow Grove St., Hackettstown, NJ
18 Aug
11 a.m.
Korean War Commemorative Medal Sears Court Echelon Mall, Voorhees, NJ

J-3 Training Office attends annual U.S. Army Individual Training Workshop.

The J-3 Training Office attended the annual Individual Training Workshop (ITW) from 12-16 July in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The ITW provided schools and quota managers the opportunity to receive training, discuss issues impacting the Total Army School System (TASS), and validate FY 05 funding requirements. The ITW was conducted with various breakout and general sessions allowing all attendees to obtain information based on their priorities. The general session included briefings on current issues - TASS goals, Schools' Funding, Phased Mobilization, Global War on Terrorism Support, Army Training Readiness and Resource System (ATRRS) Improvement, Distributive Learning, and the ITW event schedule. The ATRRS Funding Allocation Model input for the RTI was validated and initial funding allocated.

Armory Happenings

Check and to see what's happening at an Armory near you.

8-12 Aug Wrestling Camp & Tournament Teaneck Armory
22 Aug Sports Card & Comic Collectibles Bordentown Armory
26 Sep Sports Card & Comic Collectibles Bordentown Armory

NJ Vietnam Veterans' Memorial and Vietnam Era Education Center's upcoming event schedule.

On Saturday, 24 July 2004, the NJ Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation will present "Fire on the Forrestal: July 29, 1967," featuring the documentary film, "Situation Critical: The USS Forrestal," and a discussion by Vietnam Veteran Walt Stinner, a 1967 flight deck crewman aboard the USS Forrestal. On 29 July 1967, explosions and a raging fire on the desk of the aircraft carrier claimed the lives of 134 crewmembers and air wing personnel. The Foundation will show the documentary with live film footage of the event and interview with survivors, including Senator John McCain (R-AZ), then a young Navy pilot whose plane was in the center of the turmoil. Lecture attendees are asked to RSVP to 732-335-0033. A donation of $5 per person is suggested. For more information about any of these events, please call the NJ Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation office at (732) 335-0033.

24 Jul 1 p.m. "Fire on the Forrestal: July 29, 1967" (film and discussion)
14 Aug 1 p.m. "Capturing the War: An Army Combat Photographer in Vietnam"
17 Sep 11 a.m. National POW Recognition Day/Gold Star Mothers Day
18 Sep 1 p.m. "Leave No Man Behind" (re: POW/MIAs) by George J. Veith
11 Nov 11 a.m. Veterans Day Program

Interesting things you may not know…

* The temperature of the sun can reach 15 million degrees F.
* The first human-made object to break the sound barrier was a whip.
* The fastest served ball in tennis was clocked at 154 miles an hour in 1963.
* A single coffee tree produces only about a pound of coffee beans per year.
* The first ballpoint pens were sold in 1945 for $12.00.
* Theodore Roosevelt was the only President who was blind in one eye.
* The first VCR was made in 1956 and was the size of a piano.

101 Critical Days of Summer - How to Use Insect Repellants Safely.

Mosquitoes, biting flies, and ticks can be annoying and sometimes pose a serious risk to public health. Mosquitoes can transmit diseases; biting flies can inflict a painful bite that can persist for days, swell and become infected; and ticks can transmit serious diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. When used properly, insect repellents can discourage biting insects from landing on treated skin or clothing. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends the following precautions when using insect repellents:

1. Apply repellents only to exposed skin and/or clothing. Do not use under clothing.
2. Do not apply to eyes and mouth, and use sparingly around ears. Never spray on face. Apply to hands and then apply to face.
3. Never use repellents over cuts, wounds, or irritated skin.
4. Do not allow children to handle the product.
5. Do not spray in enclosed areas.
6. When returning indoors, wash treated skin and/or clothing.
7. Get specific medical information about the active ingredients in repellents and other pesticides by calling the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) at 1-800-858-7378. NPIC's website is:

Department of Defense (DOD) and the U.S. Postal Service officials announce initiatives to improve absentee ballot process.

The DOD and US Postal Service officials recently announced initiatives to improve the absentee ballot process for military people overseas. The goal of the new process is to move the ballots faster and with greater control. Under the initiatives, the Postal Service will:s Use special sorting procedures to segregate the voting materials.s Send them by Express Mail to the military mail "gateways" in San Francisco, New York, and Miami.s Have airlines give the materials the highest priority in getting them to their destinations.The military postal system will, in turn, give the materials priority as they travel to service people in theater. Ballots will flow back to the US with the same special handling, but will also receive postal cancellations at the APO or FPO to accurately record the date and time the ballot is received.DOD and Postal Service officials recommend military people and their families follow Federal Voting Assistance Program guidelines ands Request absentee ballots by the week of September 6th.s Mail completed ballots back by the week of October 11th.

Today in History…

Today is Friday, July 23rd. It is the 205th day of the year, with 162 days remaining.

1715 - The first lighthouse in America was authorized for construction at Little Brewster Island, Massachusetts.

1877 - The first municipal railroad passenger service began in Cincinnati, Ohio.

1904 - The ice cream cone was invented by Charles E. Menches during the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri.

1938 - The first federal game preserve was approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The area was 2,000 acres in Utah.

1962 - The "Telstar" communications satellite sent the first live TV broadcast to Europe.

2000 - Lance Armstrong won his second Tour de France.

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