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27 June 2003

Volume 2, Number 11

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To all of DMVA's Award Winners.

Congratulations on a job well done!

"Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all."

.Sam Ewing, author


108th ARW Congratulates its

Community College of the Air Force Graduates.


"Don't knock the weather: nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while."

.Kin Hubbard, American Journalist

Good Luck to all of the DMVA employees who are retiring at the end of this month. We wish you and your families the best of luck in the future. You'll be missed!


The Department honors Employees of the Year and Quarter at Awards Ceremony.

The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs will honor its 2002 Employees of the 3rd and 4th Quarter, the 2002 Employees of the Year, and the 2003 1st Quarter Employee Award winners at a ceremony on Friday, 27 June 2003, at the Headquarters New Jersey National Guard, Fort Dix. Listed below are the Award winners. The Employee Awards Program was placed on hold last year due to the move of the Human Resources Division and the increased workload processing state active duty payroll during Operation Enduring Freedom.

2002 3rd Quarter Award Winners

Federal Employee of the Quarter

Donald S. Withers, Materials Handler, 108th Air Refueling Wing

Employee of the Quarter - Menlo Park

Margaret Schibinger, Secretarial Assistant 2

Employee of the Quarter - Paramus

Jacqueline Homes, Head Laundry Worker

Employee of the Quarter - Vineland

Susan Kizner, Social Worker I

Team of the Quarter - Menlo Park

The Medical Billing Team

John Collins, Barbara Nedeau, Denise Puma, and Nina Shah

Team of the Quarter - Paramus

The Food Service Department - Annie Abrams, Aurea Advincula, Sandra Arnett, Sonja Banks, John Bonin, Seymour Bryan, Nuran Bubay, Mark Chamber, Anjanie Daly, Brenda Davis, Carlito Dechavez, Rosalina Delacruz, Mary Dew, Genoveva Diaz, Migdalia Diaz, Pablo Dinio, Jasper Ellis, Carla Favors, Shaji George, Olinda Hageneder, Bernice Jackson, Rujina Jalakh, Reena John, Beenamma Joy, Fatma Kaya, Fatima Koc, Ummahan Korkmaz, Wysheka Lowery, Joseph Lutz, Melardo Magloyoan, Pierre Maurice, Vernell Morrisey, Thouraya Oughourli, Valsamma Palathinkal, Cicily Raju, Jessy Rino-Joseph, Ariel Romero, Thomas Shelley, Victor Squirewell, Samuel Thomas, Dorothy Tokarczuk, Sylvia Tolentino, Chacko Varghese, Mariamma Varghese, Chacko Varkey, Gertrude Visti, Victoria Visti, Zehra Yildirim, Denise Young, and Nitza Zvuloni.

Team of the Quarter - Vineland

Unit 1 B - Elba Cano, Alice Ellis, Vickey Mason, Florentino Ponferrada-Shannon, and William Tomlin.

2002 4th Quarter Awards

Federal Employee of the Quarter

2LT Joseph Pipas - Information & Administrative Services Div.

Information Management Bureau, Telecom

Central Office - Employee of the Quarter

Gail Miller, Special Staff Officer 3

Information & Administrative Services Division

Employee of the Quarter - Menlo Park

Donna Wrigley, Administrative Analyst 2 - OIS

Employee of the Quarter- Vineland

Carol Nnachetam-Dobbs, Registered Nurse - RNAC, Unit 3

Team of the Quarter - Menlo Park

Recreation Department - Eunice Brown-Gross, Debra Drake, Bernetta Hibbert, Marsha Lasko, Denise Lima-Laskiewicz, Christine McNulty, Ervin Perry, Virginia Rynone, and Diane Schimpf

Team of the Quarter - Vineland

Critical Staffing Response Unit - Kimberly Hoffman, Tasha Jones, Sandra Langley, Elizabeth Lombardo, Charlene Peterson, Maria Poventud, and Elizabeth Teti

2002 Employee of the Year Awards

Employee of the Year - Central Office

Robert G. Sauselein

Assistant Superintendent, Veterans Haven

Division of Veterans Services

Employee of the Year - Menlo Park

Hector Gonzalez

Store Clerk - Business Office and Storeroom

Employee of the Year - Paramus

Rita Alston

Personnel Technical Assistant 3, Human Resources

Employee of the Year - Vineland

Oswaldo Quinones, Jr.

Human Resource Manager 1, Human Resources

2003 1st Quarter Awards

Federal Employee of the Quarter

Captain Francine Main, Pilot, Mission Planner

108th Air Refueling Wing, McGuire AFB

Central Office Employee of the Quarter

Sharon Lample Card - Secretarial Assistant 3

ChalleNGe Youth Program

Employee of the Quarter - Menlo Park

Louella Anderson, Head Cook II - Food Service Department

Employee of the Quarter - Vineland

Miriam Alicia, Medicare Billing Coordinator, Medical Dept.

Team of the Quarter -

Federal and State

108th Civil Engineering Squadron, 177th Civil Engineering Squadron, and Installations Division

TSgt Howard E. Achilles, SRA Daniel Baldwin, TSgt John A. Battersby, Mr. Ron Beck, COL William Bertsch, MSG James Boykins, Mr. Llewellyn Charles, SSgt Ricky M. Clark, SrA Walter Cox, SSgt Richard Dickson, SSG Stewart Duncan, SSgt James Ferretti, Mr. Sylvester Gore, MSG Timothy Gover, MSG John Hastings, SSgt Michael Jones, SSG Nehemie Juleus, Mr. John Kienzle, SRA Shannon King, Mr. Roger Kitz, MSG Peter Mariotili, Mr. Bill McBride, Ms. Kathy McGuinn, MSgt Robert Mick, III, SSgt Andrew Middleton, Sr., CPT Hobart Montee, MAJ Mark Preston, MSG William Price, WO1 Nancy Rowbotham, SSG Matthew Scudder, Mr. Mike Varone, TSG Lewis Williams, and Mr. Darren Williamson

Central Office Team of the Quarter

Maintenance Staff - National Guard Training Center, Sea Girt

Robert Bubadias, Eddie Cephus, Clifford Chisum, Gary Schmitz, Kevin Williamson, James Ward, and John Molloy

Team of the Quarter - Menlo Park

Maintenance Department

John Bailey, Steven Bash, Mark Bernstein, Edwin Boyd, Anthony Clark, Jr., Joseph Dolson, Sara Ford, Kerry Keane, Edwin Kielian, Antonios Kousoulos, Martin Muniz, Richard Pascale, Raymond Przytulski, Shawn Seymore, Robert Tietchen, Santiago Valarezo, Roger Vonah, Edward Weisenhorn, and Clarence Wiley.

Team of the Quarter - Vineland

Maintenance/Powerhouse Department

Fred Arcangeli, Edward Courter, Dorothy Grasso, James Green, Charles Hummel, Richard Hurst, William Irwin, Robert Jackson, Bruce Kidd, Judy Kozma, Frank Lorenzo, Earl Mints, Robert Mossop, Kenneth Mucciarelli, Neil Oberdick, Anthony Oliveri, David Park, Alvin Rabenberg, Martin Rodriquez, Leonard Sernaque, James Snyder, David Wargo, Jeffrey Wargo, and Jeffrey Zink.

Hello from Iraq.

CPT Michael Ciarrocca, Commander of the 253rd Transportation Company, NJARNG, and his soldiers, activated for the war against terrorism, recently sent a brief e-mail message from the Iraqi desert (exact location undisclosed). CPT Ciarrocca thanked everyone concerned for the cards and packages of personal use items sent to his soldiers. He stated that his unit has reinitiated convoy missions after a brief rest, and that New Jersey's Citizen Soldiers continue to serve their country and state in a proud and professional manner. We continue to wish him and all of his soldiers victory in their mission and a safe and speedy return home.

108th Air Refueling Wing congratulates its graduates.

College graduates across the nation, diploma in hand, are departing the world of academia, and joining the ranks of America's workforce. It can be a exciting, and sometimes anxious, experience. Five non-commissioned officers of the 108th Air Refueling Wing joined the ranks of college graduates on June 22nd during the Wing's awards ceremony. They are the Wing's newest proud graduates of the Community College of the Air Force. The following individuals received the Associates Degree in the following disciplines: MSgt Dilcia English, Aviation Maintenance Technology; MSgt Robert Tibbetts, Information Management and Human Resource Management; TSgt Christopher Birardi, Criminal Justice; TSgt Sharon Roth, Logistics; and TSgt Mike Yung, Information Management and Electronic Systems Technology. "Caps off" to our newest graduates on a job well done!

Security and Emergency Response Information System (SERIS).

The DMVA's Information Technology Bureau and the Homeland Security Office has established a partnership with the Picatinny Arsenal Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) "Homeland Security Center of Excellence" to provide the test bed for a newly developed Homeland Security Information Technology System known as SERIS. The system will provide live "on-line" intrusion detection and emergency response information using GPS and Wireless technology. A full-scale initial BETA test was conducted at the Picatinny Arsenal, Lawrenceville Homeland Security Center of Excellence, and the Training and Training Technology Battle Lab (T3BL) located at Fort Dix. Observers and participants used a real-time web based video, on-line GPS/GIS mapping, and Video Conferencing Technology to communicate throughout the demonstration.

Army Policy on Instant Messaging (IM).

IM is a real-time communications service that may include capabilities such as sending text notes to others online; custom chat rooms; shared web links; the ability to look at images on someone else's computer; the ability to hear sounds someone else is playing or play sounds for others to hear; sharing files through direct send; audio conversations; and streaming content such as real- time or near-real time news or stock quotes. Many commercial entities, e.g., AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo, offer instant messaging as an unregulated Internet service. Individual Army end user subscription to any non-DoD IM service such as AOL or Microsoft from a computer connected to the RCAS or other DoD network is prohibited. The AKO portal is the Army instant message server and is the only IM currently authorized for use and installation in Army organizations.

Air Guard Unit hosts "Bring a Buddy Day."

The 108th Air Refueling Wing sponsored its Second Annual "Bring a Buddy Day" on Saturday, 21 June 2003. Sixty-four visitors arrived at 9 a.m., sampled an assortment of warm pastries and fresh fruit, and were welcomed by the new Wing Commander, Colonel Larry Thomas. In a dynamic Power Point presentation loaded with photos of the "Guardians of Freedom" of the 108th ARW doing what they do best, the Commander focused on the various career fields and benefits available in the Air National Guard. Despite the periodic downpours, visitors braved the weather and boarded 108th buses for the grand tour. First stop - a tour of a KC-135E Stratotanker, then off to the Operations Group and Logistics Squadron to try on aircrew survival and chemical warfare gear. Next, our guests visited the various

Attention State Employees.Changes to your personal emergency information on NJ Direct are due today!

Today is the last day to update your personal emergency information located on NJ Direct. As part of the state's workplace security measures, this updated personal information will provide the state with the ability to identify and contact employees associated with a specific facility in the event of an emergency. This information should be updated using NJ Direct from your state office PC. Your password is set as the last four digits of your Social Security Number. You should make these changes from your desk. Do not send your information to the Human Resources Division. The deadline for making these updates is June 27, 2003.

Armory Happenings - Check to see what's happening at an Armory near you.

28 June

Bead Show

Cherry Hill Armory

28-29 June

Basketball Tournament

Jersey City Armory

30 June - 5 July


Lawrenceville Armory

5 July

Tool Show and Sale

Washington Armory

12 July

Flea Market

Teaneck Armory

18 July

Tool Show and Sale

Dover Armory

19 July

Tool Show and Sale

Riverdale Armory

COL William J. Bertsch retires as Director, Installations Division.

A large group of friends and family gathered on June 14th for a "Hoe Down Picnic" on the back lawn at DMVA in honor of COL William Bertsch's retirement. He officially retires this Monday after having served the Department for over 30 years (four years as a federal employee and 26 years of State service). COL Bertsch has been the Director of Installations for the past four years, and prior to that served as the Director of Fiscal Division for 11 years. It was a sunny and hot Saturday afternoon; however, at the end of the picnic it began to rain "buckets." Rumor has it that COL Bertsch prays for rain every weekend, as he will start a new career as a Disaster Specialist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The Department thanks COL Bertsch for all of his contributions to making DMVA a better place, and wish him and his family the best of luck in the future.

James L. Brey retires as Chief Financial Officer.

Family, friends and colleagues gathered on June 21st for a "Dinner & Dance" at the Lawrenceville Armory's Garden Room in honor of Mr. Brey's retirement. He officially retires this Monday after having served the State of New Jersey for over 25 years. Mr. Brey has been the Director of Fiscal for the past four years and a total of 11 years with the Department of Military & Veterans Affairs. It was a fun and enjoyable evening for all. The Department wishes to express its gratitude to Mr. Brey for his service to the military and veterans' community, and would like to extend its sincere best wishes for continued success in all future endeavors.

DMVA Unity Day held on Friday, 13 June 2003.

DMVA celebrated its 5th Annual Unity Day on 13 June 2003 with the theme, "New Jersey, Together We Can Make a Difference." Unity Day is held annually to enhance cross-cultural awareness, promote harmony among all members of the New Jersey National Guard, and recognize the contributions of minorities and women. The combined efforts of Army and Air National Guard, State and Federal employees, the 305th Air Mobility Wing and community members resulted in 20 different ethnic and special emphasis groups being represented at this year's event. The day began with a 5K Fun Walk/Run in which an estimated 50 individuals participated and received Unity Day t-shirts. The NJ National Guard's ChalleNGe Youth Program's Drill Team led the Opening Ceremonies in which 25 individuals and groups were recognized for their contributions to our Special Emphasis Programs. Special recognition went to two members of the Youth Challenge Program for designing the t-shirts and two local restaurants for community support (a first time for Unity Day). The highlight of the day was the judging of the "Chili Cookoff" by BG Sullivan, BG Chojnacki, and COL Carlini. After tasting 15 entries, LTC Pete D'Elia and SFC Harvey Smith were awarded 1st Place Ribbons.

Vietnam, Distinguished and Meritorious Service Medal Presentation Ceremonies are scheduled.

9 July

11 a.m. & 1 p.m.

Distinguished Service &

Meritorious Service Medals

Millville Elks Lodge

1815 E. Broad St., Millville, NJ

15 July

Vietnam Service Medal

Morristown Armory

430 Jockey Hollow Rd., Morristown, NJ

23 July

Vietnam Service Medal

Athenia Veterans Post

Clifton, NJ

Lightning Safety Week.

Sunday, 22 June 2003, marked the beginning of Lightning Safety Week. In the past 30 years more people have died from lightning in the US than from tornadoes or hurricanes. Most fatalities occur during the summer in the late afternoon when temperatures are warmer. The following are precautions to take during a thunderstorm or lightning conditions:

       Take cover whenever you hear thunder.

       Follow the 30-30 Rule - if the time between lightning and thunder is 30 seconds or less, take cover. Once the thunder ends, wait 30 minutes before going outside.

       The safest place during a thunderstorm is a house or building.

       The second safest place is a car.

       In the event there is no immediate shelter, make yourself the lowest object around.

       If you are in a group of people, split-up and stay away from trees or isolated objects.

       Suspend outdoor sports when a storm is approaching.

       Have a lightning safety plan prepared.

       Learn lightning first aid and follow these safety procedures.

Call 911

Perform CPR or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if possible.

Touch the lightning victim for vital signs. (It's safe to do.)

NJ Vietnam Veterans' Memorial and Vietnam Era Education Center Announces its Calendar of Events for the summer.

28 June

10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Restored Military Vehicle Display - presented by the Military Transport Association of NJ (MTA) and the South Jersey Chapter of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA). Visit their websites at and

26 July

1 p.m.

Author Lecture/Book Signing Program by Patricia Farawell Enyedy, Author of A Redcatcher's Letters from Nam: Reflections of Family and Friends.

27 July

9 a.m.

5th Annual Classic Car and Motorcycle Show

Rain Date: Sunday, 10 August 2003

8 Sep

9 a.m.

Golf Outing Olde York Country Club

19 Sep

11 a.m.

POW/MIA GSM Recognition Day Ceremony

21 Sep

11 a.m.

Rolling Thunder POW/MIA Awareness Motorcycle Run

For more information about any of these events, please call the NJ Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation office at (732) 335-0033.

Interesting but useless facts.

J            The smallest county in America is New York County, better known as Manhattan.

J            The life span of a taste bud is 10 days.

J            The oldest known animal was a tortoise, which lived to be 152 years old.

J            At birth, a Dalmatian is always pure white.

J            The first bike was called a hobbyhorse.


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