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Ocean Residential Community Home

  1 Game Farm Road
Forked River, NJ
- Bilal A. Muslim, Superintendent
- Christopher Jones, Assistant Administrator In-Charge
Phone: 609-693-5498
Fax: 609-6931854
  Ocean Residential Community Home provides services for up to 15 male juvenile offenders with special needs and co-occurring mental health disorders. The residential program serves committed youth ages 14 to 20 from the New Jersey Training School and youth on probationary status from various counties in New Jersey. The length of stay in the residential facility is based on their level of commitment and is generally four (4) to twelve (12) months.
Priority is given to those youth identified as seriously emotionally disturbed, socially impaired or otherwise vulnerable within the commission’s other programs and institutions.             
The youth placed at Ocean Residential Community Home have been identified as appropriate for the least restrictive environment to help develop more effective pro-social coping skills in preparation for their re-entry back into their community. Committed residents are screened and referred through the Juvenile Justice Commission’s Classification Committee. Residents on probationary status are referred to the program by the sending counties’ Court Liaisons. They are then interviewed by the programs’ Office of Treatment Services staff to determine admission into the program.               
Ocean Residential Community Home utilizes an integrated model of treatment using the New Freedom curriculum and the Phoenix curriculum as part of the treatment experience.              
Educational, career and technical programs are integral components to the treatment experience. Through an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) for classified residents and an Individual Program Plan (IPP) for unclassified residents, students receive a minimum four (4) hours of academic instruction per day. Diversified career and technical programs are also available to students.   
Community service and involvement is also an important aspect of the program. Residents are encouraged to give back to the community by volunteering at the local food bank and donating time to local church organizations.
Ocean Residential Community Home works cooperatively with local academic institutions, the judiciary, the Division of Motor Vehicles as well as other agencies to improve re-entry back into their communities.      


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