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List of the Commission's RC Homes and detailed information including addresses, contacts and descriptions.
  The Juvenile Justice Commission (JJC) operates 10 residential community homes (RCH). The number of juveniles residing at each facility varies. One facility, Green RCH, is designed specifically for younger male offenders between the ages of 13 and 15. The JJC has also designated certain facilities for specific categories of juvenile offenders, including those who have serious substance abuse problems, sex offenders, and those young people who have been found delinquent, but also have serious emotional disorders.  
  RCH's are an important part of the JJC's continuum of care. These facilities offer a less restrictive environment, but maintain security by trained staff. These types of facilities are meant to accommodate juveniles who have committed less serious offenses or are nearing the end of their sentences and preparing to return home.  
  Counselors work with each resident to create an individual program plan with goals and objectives for successful completion. Each program provides a full education curriculum aimed at the pursuit of a high school diploma or GED. A variety of vocational opportunities are provided with the goal of developing marketable skills that will help them become productive citizens upon their release.  
  The JJC utilizes several enhanced treatment programs, including one curriculum that teaches juveniles on how to control anger and another aimed at increasing gang awareness and prevention. Juveniles also receive instruction in life skills, personal hygiene, health and nutrition. Residents participate in various recreational activities and have access to 24-hour medical care. Opportunities to attend various religious services and faith-related events are also available.  
  All youth participate in various community service projects through the JJC's Restorative Justice Program. Work crews throughout the state assist with projects, which range from park, cemetery, and roadway maintenance, to the restoration of historical buildings. The JJC believes that juveniles should take responsibility for their actions and give back to their communities.  
  Comprehensive and personal re-entry plans are developed for each JJC resident to help with each resident’s transition from a JJC program to his or her community.  
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