Peckman River Clean-up

The Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission (PVSC) is in the process of de-snagging the Peckman River in the area of Woodland Park and Little Falls. The Peckman River, a tributary of the Passaic River, originates in West Orange and flows northeasterly through Verona, Cedar Grove and Little Falls to its confluence with the Passaic River in Woodland Park. The de-snagging effort involved an initial survey of the Peckman River conducted by members of PVSC’s River Restoration Program. PVSC employees then removed fallen trees, litter and other debris that were obstructing the flow of the river and could have ultimately contributed to flooding in the area. 


Woodland Park Mayor Keith Kazmark and Little Falls Mayor James Damiano recently joined Joe Cocuzza and the rest of PVSCs River Restoration team during the de-snagging. 


“This is another example of PVSC assisting local municipalities in keeping these waterways clear of debris and potential blockages. We appreciate PVSC utilizing their resources in Woodland Park and Little Falls in order to help maintain the flow of the river in high water events and keep our residents safe,” Woodland Park Mayor Keith Kazmark said. 


"This is a great opportunity for one more partnership between local municipalities and the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission to join an effort which will hopefully alleviate flooding for all of our towns (along the Peckman River)," Little Falls Mayor James Damiano added.

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