PVSC Participates In Queen Of Peace STEM Expo

Queen of Peace Elementary School in North Arlington recently held its first ever STEM Expo. It was designed to give students the opportunity to design STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and  Mathematics) projects, while working individually or within groups. The students then showcased their projects to their peers, teachers, parents, and local STEM Professionals.

Jennifer Marques, PVSCs Laboratory Manager, and Chris Brooks, PVSC’s Educational Outreach Multimedia Program Coordinator, served as judges, while also sharing their knowledge of wastewater treatment and management with the students.

“This was a great event,” Jennifer said. “The kids came to us with extremely impressive projects. Discussing wastewater management career opportunities with them is important. The students learned that wastewater treatment facilities collect contaminated water in a central location to prevent massive pollution in rivers, lakes and the environment.”

“It takes knowledgeable, conscientious people to work in professions that are responsible for discharging wastewater in an environmentally safe manner. Doing so can be extremely rewarding, because you’re a providing such an important service to the community.”

PVSC’s efforts were lauded by the Queen of Peace Principal, Ellen Naughton.

“Both PVSC representatives played an important role in helping to make our first STEM Expo a remarkable and extraordinary success,” she said. “Adult guidance and mentoring is an important part of education.  With PVSC’s participation, our students were able to present their work to a genuine audience and learn how their work could apply to a career in wastewater management.”

 Below are pictures from the Expo.

Photo of the Event 0
Photo of the Event 1
Photo of the Event 2
Photo of the Event 3
Photo of the Event 4
Photo of the Event 5