Company: Warwick Valley Telephone Company

Summary: Warwick Valley Telephone Company provides telephone service to customers (24,029 access lines as of December 31, 2006) in the contiguous towns of Warwick, Goshen and Wallkill, New York, and the townships of West Milford and Vernon, New Jersey. The company’s service area is primarily rural. Warwick Valley Telephone Company’s segments are business units that offer different products and services, and are managed as a telephone services segment on the one hand and online services segment on the other. The telephone segment provides telecommunications services, including local, network access, long distance, voice mail, directory services and wireless services. The Warwick Online (Online) segment provides high-speed and dial-up Internet services, and video over very high bit-rate digital subscriber line (VDSL).

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Phone: 1-973-764-8080