Comcast 1240 and filings under review at the Board.  Rate Counsel reached a negotiated settlement on Comcast’s 1240 filings covering various Jersey City. Comcast of Jersey City filed for an increase in its Maximum Permitted Rate (“MPR”) effective January 1, 2007.  The requested MPR was $39.36, an increase of 18.1% over its prior MPR of $33.33.  The Company actually implemented an Operator Selected Rate (“OSR”) of $36.20.  However, any amounts between the BPU-approved MPR and the rates actually charged may be deferred by the Company and collected in future period.  Rate Counsel filed testimony in this matter on April 2, 2007.


As a result of negotiations, the Company agreed to lower its proposed MPR to $36.75.  The impact of this reduction was a savings of $1,551,092 ($2.61 per month X 12 months X 49,524 subscribers).  At a subsequent settlement conference held on April 23, 2007, we were successfully in negotiating a further reduction of $0.50 off the monthly rate, for an additional annual savings of $297,144.  Thus, the total reduction from the MPR originally requested resulted in savings to Jersey City customers of $1,848,236.


Petition of Comcast Cable Communications Holdings, Inc. andPatriot Media Holdings, LLC for approval for Comcast Cable Communications Holdings, Inc. to Acquire Control of Patriot Media & Communications CNJ, LLC.  A petition was filed seeking approval of the transfer at the Board.  Rate Counsel filed a letter requesting that the Board convene a proceeding to consider this transaction including a prehearing conference.


Rate Counsel filed an appeal to the Third Circuit appealing an order issued by the FCC regarding setting time frames for action by local franchising authorities on LEC petitions to provide cable service.  There are several appeals pending in other Circuits and a lottery was conducted and the cases transferred to the 6th Circuit.  Rate Counsel participated below and is raising various legal challenges to the FCC’s order. Agency Docket: MB Docket No. 05-311.  The various appeals were consolidated in the 6th Circuit and RC’s initial brief is due on June 18, 2007.