IMO Township of Alloway’s Bona Fide Retail Request Application to Verizon NJ, BPU Docket No. TC19121515; and Verizon New Jersey, Inc. - Discontinuance of Land Line Telecommunications Maintenance, Facilities, and Infrastructure Township of Washington Declaratory Determination of Verizon's Obligation Under Docket No. TO12020155

NJDRC Comments filed in the matters of Alloway & Washington Twps Re Verizon NJ Service, BPU Docket Nos. TC19121515 & TO12020155 (10-8-20)

Joint Petition of Level 3 Communications, Inc., Together with CenturyLink, Inc., for Approval of Indirect Transfer of Control of: Level 3 Communications, LLC, Level 3 Telecom of New Jersey, LP, Broadwing Communications, LLC, Global Crossing Local Services, Inc., Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc., Telcove Operations, LLC and WilTel Communications, LLC to CenturyLink, Inc. and Related Approvals, BPU Docket No. TM16121159

Comments filed by Rate Counsel in connection with CenturyLink's merger/acquisition of Level 3, BPU Docket No. TM16121159 (4/20/17)

Petition of Neustar, Inc., on behalf of the New Jersey Telecommunications Industry, for Approval of NPA Relief Plan for the 609 NPA and Elimination of Protected Codes in the 856 NPA, BPU Docket No. TO13121166 (2/24/17)

Comments filed by Rate Counsel in connection with the New Jersey 609 Telephone Area Code Exhaust Matter.

I/M/O the Board’s Investigation Regarding the Reclassification of Incumbent Docket No. TX1 1090570 Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) Services as Competitive — Phase II

Testimony of Susan m. Baldwin and Sarah m. Bosley on behalf of the New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel filed on February 24, 2012.

Rate Counsel Director Stefanie Brand's testimony on 6/16/08 before the Senate Economic Growth Committee opposing Bill S1886 to exempt certain transactions of parent or affiliate companies of telecommunications and cable television companies from BPU review and approval.

Petition for Declaratory Ruling Whether Voice over Internet Protocol Services are Entitled to the Interconnection Right of Telecommunications Carriers, WC Docket No. 08-56

The Federal Communications Commission issued a Public Notice soliciting comments regarding Vermont Telephone Company's Petition for Declaratory Ruling seeking clarification regarding the interconnection rights of Voice over Internet Protocol providers.

Reply Comments of the New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel filed on June 9, 2008.

In the Matter of High-Cost Universal Service support Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service, WC Docket No. 05-337, CC Docket No. 46-45

The Federal Communications Commission sought comments on three important aspects of universal service; High-Cost Distribution Reform, Identical Support rule, and Reverse Auctions.

I/M/O The Board Investigation Regarding the Reclassification of Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) Services As Competitive. BPU Docket No. TX06120841. October 10, 2007.

The New Jersey Division of the Rate Counsel submitted comments on whether CLEC Lifeline services should be a competitive service and whether the AT&T Communications of NJ, L.P.’s (“AT&T’s”) proposal for a cap during any transition would be appropriate.

In the Matter of Lifeline and Link-up. WC Docket No. 03-109, DA No. 07-1241. The Federal Communications Commission recently issued a Public Notice to refresh the record with respect to the Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking which sough comment on the Recommended Decision of The Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service Regarding Modifications to the Lifeline and Link-Up Programs for low-income customers.

Rate Counsel's Comments filed August 24, 2007 with recommendations to further promote the effectiveness of the Lifeline/Link-Up program. Rate Counsel limits its comments to the following issues: Expansion of Income Based Eligibility Criteria, Expansion of Program-Based Eligibility Criteria, Verification of Eligibility for enrollment, Verification of continued Eligibility, Automatic Enrollment, Dispute/Appeal Process, No Restriction or Blocking of Vertical Features, Outreach.