The New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel regularly receives concerns and complaints about utility bills and service problems.


Rate Counsel is the state agency mandated with representing and protecting the interests of all utility consumers, as a class, in cases before the Board of Public Utilities whenever a utility seeks a change to its rates or services.  Even though we do not represent individual customers or provide individual legal advice or process consumers complaints, we respond to all inquiries by providing useful information and directing you to the appropriate agency.


If you have a problem with a utility, you should first make the utility aware of your complaint and give them an opportunity to address your concerns.  If you are not satisfied with the utility’s decision, you should file a complaint with the Board of Public Utilities (BPU), the regulating state agency responsible for handling utility complaints.


You can call the Utility Consumer Complaints Division of the BPU at:

1-800-624-0241 or


Go to the BPU’s website and file online at:


Mail a written complaint address to:
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
Division of Customer Relations
44 South Clinton Ave. 7th Floor
Trenton, New Jersey 08625


Any complaint to the BPU should include the customer’s name, address and phone number(s), the name of the utility and the customer account number, if any.  The customer should provide a detailed description of the complaint and any action taken by the utility in response to the customer’s complaint.


No matter which way you choose to complain, be sure to do it as soon as possible.  The longer you wait, the more difficult it could be to resolve the problem.

**Please Note:
The state does not regulate all or most aspects of the following utilities and services:

Cable Television:
· If you have a complaint, contact your local cable board or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Cellular Service
· If you have a complaint, contact your local Better Business Bureau or the FCC
Internet Services
· If you have a complaint, contact the:
· Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Long distance
· If you have a complaint, contact the FCC 
Pre-paid calling cards
· If you have a complaint, contact the FCC
Municipal water and sewer utilities
· Complaints can be directed to your city council or municipal water/sewer board. A comprehensive list of New Jersey Municipalities can be found at