Superstorm Sandy Information

For Plan Review or Inspection Assistance with SANDY-related permitting, please have the local Construction Official contact:

DCA - Toms River Codes Field Office
236 Main Street, 2nd Floor
Toms River, NJ 08753

HOURS:  Monday-Friday 8:30-4:00
PHONE:  732-736-7108 or 7109
FAX:  732-736-7112

Accessing Flood Zone maps through FEMA's website(s) [pdf 196kB]
Advisory Base Flood Elevations and Construction Req.(01-02-2013) [pdf 45kB]
Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Refrigeration Systems or other Appliances [pdf 126kB}
Breakaway Walls in the V Zone
DEP Emergency Rule.Prior Approvals Misc Info [pdf165kB]
DEP Flood Elevation Rule FAQs [pdf 153kB]
DEP Frequently Asked Land Use Permitting Questions 
Disposing of Asbestos from Sandy-Impacted Structures [pdf 198kB]
Electrical Systems Guidance [pdf 66kB]
Elevating existing homes, Guidance to code officials [pdf 29kB]
Foundation Guidance [pdf]
Guidance for 1- & 2-Family Homes Sprinkler Systems Options [pdf]
Guidance on Electrical Meter Placement in a Designated Flood Zone 
Landlords And Tenants [pdf 46kB]
Mechanical.Plumbing Guidance for Code Officials [pdf 74kB]
"Mold Guidelines for New Jersey Residents" pamphlet and upcoming training dates
Permit Fees [pdf 79kB]
• Placement of Houses on Pilings [pdf 376kB]
Protection of Adjoining Property
Temporary Employment (building, electrical and plumbing) [pdf 179kB]
Storm Recovery Information [pdf 31kB]

Home Elevation Requirements 
Elevation prior approval  (8-25-2015)
Home Elevation - Adopted Amendments to the Uniform Construction Code
Home Elevation Contractor Certification
Licensing Requirements (Division of Consumer Affairs)
Notice from the Division of Consumer Affairs
Permit Application & Inspection Process
P.L. 2014, c.34

Press Release on need for recovery workers to wear protective gear and
protect themselves while working with mold:

Temporary Use of Buildings to House Sandy Volunteers
Buildings housing volunteers CO-FO Doc Final 
Buildings housing volunteers cover memo signed 
Buildings housing volunteers Host Site Final 

Other Codes and Standards Issues

Avalon Parking notice of receipt of application
Child Care Centers
Infill Development Standards and Policy Guidance
Lead Free Fixtures & Piping Memo 2/24/14
Local Review of School Plans
Mold & Asbestos Cleanup Flyer
Permit Extension Act Updated 2014
Recreational Park Trailers, A Guidance Document
School Construction, Best Practices Standards

Carnival & Amusement Rides

Amusement Ride Safety Tips
Model Cert Oper-Trng Template
Model Design Certification
Model Erection/Assembly Certification
Model Fabrication (manufacturing) Certification
Model Letter for adding a serial number to the type certification
Model Letter for adding a serial number to the type certification (inflatable)
Model Testing Certification