About the Director

Edward M. Smith
Director, New Jersey Division of Codes and Standards

Edward M. Smith was appointed Director of the Division of Codes and Standards by Commissioner Lori Grifa in September, 2010. The Division is New Jersey's code enforcement agency. The Division adopts and oversees enforcement of the State's Uniform Construction Code including the building, plumbing, fire protection, electrical, energy, mechanical, barrier free, elevator and rehabilitation subcodes. In addition, the Division is responsible for licensing of local code enforcement officials, enforcement of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas regulations, promulgation of rules applicable to site improvements serving residential construction, registration and inspection of the State's hotels and multiple dwellings, licensing and inspection for rooming and boarding houses and emergency shelters, administration of New Jersey's New Home Warranty program, registration of new home builders, review of all condominium and cooperative sales offerings and enforcement of the carnival and amusement ride safety regulations.

Mr. Smith has 28 years of experience in the management of residential construction. During his career, Mr. Smith has been actively involved in all aspects of construction supervision, including developing and implementing quality control procedures, managing construction scheduling, selecting and overseeing subcontractors, recruiting and training construction personnel, monitoring worksite safety, ensuring customer satisfaction and directing warranty operations. As a corporate executive, he participated in the establishment of objectives and in the development and implementation of systems and procedures to achieve those objectives. 

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