GovConnect Banner

GovConnect is a feature of the State’s MyNewJersey web portal, which contains “channels” of information related to the role of each participating official.

Participating officials will receive EGG Notices to the email address registered in the MyNewJersey web portal.  If an official has more than one role (i.e., is a CFO and a Clerk), all role channels will appear on the page. 

The business of technology is ever-evolving. To improve our technological outreach and in response to popular demand, the Division has expanded its GovConnect system to now include the following recipient categories: 

  • Municipal Clerks
  • Tax Collectors
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • County Chief Financial Officers
  • County Clerks to the Boards of Chosen Freeholders
  • Deputies
  • Mayors
  • Business Administrators
  • Public Works Managers
  • Qualified Purchasing Agents
  • Municipal Auditors

Officials who hold one or more of these roles and who are not yet registered may contact to initiate the signup process. The Clerk, CFO, or Administrator of the local unit will be required to authorize access in the form of a resolution, email or similar documentation upon your registration. 

The following are primary Channels made available to all GovConnect users:

GovConnect News and E-Government to Government (EGG) Notices

GovConnect News and EGG Notices provides up-to-date, priority information to local officials, including advising them when new guidance is posted, summarizing important notices, and advising about newly enacted legislation, DLGS news, and changes to or upcoming important deadlines. 

Document Library

Document Libraries are files containing information about specific subjects. They may include summaries of new Notices with additional links, information from State agencies on current issues, common forms, or other information.

GovConnect Links

GovConnect links contain direct links to other governmental sites containing useful information. For example,  Alcoholic Beverage Control for use by Municipal Clerks for Annual ABC License Clearance information.

State Association Links

State Association links contain direct links to state associations that contains useful information from state agencies. For example, Governmental Purchasing Association of NJ and Municipal Clerks Association.

Municipal Official Information

The municipal clerk is often a municipality’s greatest resource, because they are closely connected to all aspects of government. When citizens, businesses, and other government officials need to contact local government officials, they usually turn to their municipal clerk first to find out information such as names, phone numbers, mailing and e-mail addresses. However, local government officials are constantly changing. Keeping up with the changes in a single municipality, much less all 564 municipalities in New Jersey, is a challenging task. With that in mind, the MyNewJersey/GovConnect portal offers the Municipal Contact List (MCL), a service to assist municipal clerks with this problem. The Municipal Contact list would help clerks manage the requests from organizations, including the State, that regularly need the names and contact information of officials such as mayors, police chiefs, land use administrators and construction code officials. For instance, municipal clerks can count on receiving correspondence each year from organizations such as the New Jersey League of Municipalities requesting Municipal Contact List.  Instead of completing each requestor’s form, the municipal clerk could print out the information or send them a data file containing  the MCL. Additionally, government agencies at all levels regularly request contact information from municipal clerks.