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New Jersey Coastal Atlas
Interactive Mapping and Planning Tools

New Jersey Coastal Atlas 

New Jersey Coastal Atlas

The New Jersey Coastal Atlas is an online, interactive mapping and planning tool for the exploration of New Jersey’s coastal and ocean data. 

Spatial data contained within the atlas includes:

  1. Coastal Hazards;
  2. Coastal Restoration and Living Shorelines and
  3. Ocean Planning
Coastal Hazards

The interactive, maps provided in this section contain flood hazard spatial information to support state and community Coastal Hazard planning.

NOAA Office of Coastal Management – Coastal Flood Exposure    Mapper

NOAA Office of Coastal Management – Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper is focused on helping start community discussions about hazards impacts with maps of your area that show people, places, and natural resources exposed to coastal flooding.

Rutgers-NJADAPT Coastal Hazard Profile Viewer

Rutgers NJADAPT Coastal Hazard Profile Viewer is an online map service that shows different aspects of community exposure to flood hazards. Allows users to create maps that show people, places and assets exposed to coastal flooding.

Rutgers Flood Mapper Viewer

Rutgers Flood Mapper Viewer an interactive mapping website to visualize coastal flooding hazards.

Rutgers Municipal Flooding Hazard Map Products

Rutgers  Municipal Flooding Hazard Map Products  -  municipal map packets are provided for all municipalities in the CAFRA zone. These map packets include maps of  coastal hazards, overlaid with critical facilities and evacuation routes

Coastal Vulnerability Index Mapping

Coastal Vulnerability Index Mapping - The NJCMP developed CVI mapping for the entire coastal area in New Jersey covering 239 municipalities over four sea level rise scenarios – present day (2014), 2030, 2050, and 2100. Additionally, a CVI-based map was created for each NJ coastal community.”


Coastal Restoration and Living Shoreline

The interactive, maps provided in this section contain living shoreline spatial information to support state and community Coastal Restoration planning.

living shoreline projects

Living Shoreline Projects - Maps and spatial information provided here highlight ongoing Living Shoreline projects in New Jersey coastal communities. Project goals are to increase the resiliency of tidal marshes and beaches to the impacts to changing sea heights and more frequent and intense storms to ensure these habitats are providing the full suite of ecosystem services to the wildlife and human communities within the project areas.

shoreline change

Shoreline Change- NJDEP is focusing work on monitoring shoreline change in an effort to understand where and why estuarine shoreline is being lost. These efforts could help make better decisions about how to restore these vital ecosystems and preserve their capacity to protect against coastal hazards.

NOAA Office of Coastal Management-Restoration Atlas

NOAA Office of Coastal Management – Restoration Atlas is focused on restoration projects  in coastal communities . This map application provides spatial information related to coastal restoration. 

TNC Restoration Explorer

TNC Restoration Explorer supports spatial planning innovation to hazard risk, resilience and adaption issues. This is a global network providing access to peer practitioners, tools, information and training on nature – based solutions.

TNC Restoration Explorer

The Marsh Migration Index (MMI) is a predictive spatial tool to provide coastal communities with easily accessible information to inform local and regional living shore planning. The MMI is a series of maps representing an analysis that will assist in showing where coastal marshes will retreat in response to rising sea levels


Ocean Planning

The interactive, maps provided in this section contain Ocean spatial information to support Regional Ocean planning.

Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal

The Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal provides spatial information on ocean resources and human use information such as  fishing grounds, recreational areas, shipping lanes, habitat areas, and energy sites, among others in the Mid Atlantic Region. It enables  state, federal, and local users and the general public to visualize and analyze data in the Mid Atlantic Region

BOEM and NOAA wind speeds

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) map here shows estimates of the annual average wind resource (speed), wind planning areas and active renewable energy leases for New Jersey and Northeast. National Viewer National Viewer provides baseline information needed for ocean planning efforts. Users can visually analyze and explore geospatial data for marine spatial planning activities at a national level. Contributing partners of this application include Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and NOAA Office for Coastal Management.

NOAA Office of Coastal Management Digital Coast

NOAA Office of Coastal Management – Digital Coast is focused on helping communities address coastal issues. This dynamic map and data download website primary focus is on coastal and ocean spatial data distribution.


Archive of Coastal Maps

This section contains historical maps and spatial information from the New Jersey Coastal Management.

Coastal Municipalities


GIS DATA Downloads
GIS Data Maps

NJDEP Data Downloads




Coastal and Ocean Data was developed at regional scales and is not for site level analyses. Refer to the source layer metadata for detailed descriptions of the data attribute and spatial extent limitations.




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