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route 72 manahawkin bay bridges project graphic


July 2015

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This view is of the installation of the corrugated stay-in-place metal sheets used to form the bottom surface of the new bridge's concrete deck. The galvanized sheet metal spans between the bridge beams and supports the weight of the wet concrete until it hardens and gains strength.

This view is of the galvanized reinforcement steel placement for the new bridge deck. As with the other components of the new structure, galvanized steel is used to reduce corrosion and extend the life of the bridge. The reinforcement steel provides the additional strength needed for the concrete to withstand the loads on the bridge deck.

This view is of the newly completed deck segment on the West Thorofare Bridge. The epoxy-coated reinforcement for the parapets, as well as rigid metallic conduit that is embedded in the parapet for electrical lines, is extending out of the deck segment. The concrete parapet is poured independent of the deck due to its complex shape. The parapet will be poured after the new deck concrete gains the strength needed to support construction materials and vehicles.

This view is of the form work on the southerly edge of the bridge deck, known as the overhang. The overhang is built up using removabale timber forms that are removed after the concrete gains the strength required to support itself. The removable forms allow the edges of the deck to have a smooth concrete finish consistent with the rest of the structure. This enhances the aesthetics of the structure as the overhang is easily viewed by the public.

This view is of the rehabilitation work being done on the East Thorofare Bridge. The southerly portion of the Thorofare Bridge decks are being reconstructed to allow for minor widening to accommodate a new sidewalk and railing/parapet features. This view shows the portion of the deck removal required to do the improvements. The existing steel reinforcement is extending from the bridge deck. These bars are exposed, protected and cleaned during construction so that they can provide a positive connection to the new deck segments.

The West Thorofare Bridge rehabilitation is similar to that of the East Thorofare Bridge. This view shows the epoxy-coated reinforcement steel placement for the new bridge deck segment. The epoxy-coated corrosion protection is in contrast to the galvanized steel on the new bridge since the original reinforcement steel in the existing concrete deck will remain and be in contact with the new reinforcement. Dissimilar metals in contact such as galvanzed steel and the original un-coated steel would result in increased corrosion rates. Epoxy-coated reinforcement steel is the preferred corrosion protection for the Thorofare Bridges.

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