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Supporting Our TroopsMilitary Personnel Income Tax Information – Extensions of Time to File

Special rules apply to members of the Armed Forces of the United States and civilians providing support to the Armed Forces.

A person on active duty with the Armed Forces of the United States who may not be able to file on time because of distance, injury or hospitalization as a result of this service, will automatically receive a six-month extension by enclosing an explanation when filing the return. Otherwise the normal rules apply. See Automatic Extension below.

Combat Zone Extension

New Jersey automatically extends the deadline for filing tax returns, paying taxes, filing claims for refunds, and the taking of other actions related to State Income Tax for individuals serving in the U.S. Armed Forces and civilians providing support to the Armed Forces in a "combat zone" or a "qualified hazardous duty area." The deadline for filing returns, making payments, or taking any other action is extended for 180 days after the individual leaves the combat zone, or 180 days from the last day of any continuous qualified hospitalization for an injury sustained in the combat zone. See Special Provisions for more information.

Automatic Extension
You may receive a six-month extension of time to file your New Jersey Income Tax return if you have paid at least 80% of your tax liability on the NJ-1040 (Line 42) or NJ-1040NR (Line 40) through withholdings, estimated payments, or other payments by the original due date, and

a) If a federal extension is filed, you enclose a copy of your Federal Application for Automatic Extension with your return and fill in the oval at the top of your NJ-1040 or check the box at the top of your NJ-1040NR (or, if the extension application was filed electronically, enter the confirmation number in the space provided at the top of the return)
b) If no federal extension is filed, you request a six-month extension by filing an Application for Extension of Time to File New Jersey Gross Income Tax Return (Form NJ-630) by the original due date of the return.

You must also file Form NJ-630 by the original due date if you need to make a payment to meet the 80% requirement.

Civil union partners filing a joint return must either provide copies of the federal extension application (or confirmation number) for both partners, or they must file Form NJ-630.

For more information on military personnel, see Tax Topic Bulletin GIT-7, Military Personnel Adobe PDF (298K).

Last Updated: Thursday, 02/16/17

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