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Realty Transfer Information and Requirements
for Sale/Transfer of Real Property in New Jersey

  • Additional RTF Forms
  • Assembly Bill No. 3128, Chapter 55, P.L. 2004
  • Assembly Bill No. 3510, Chapter 20, P.L. 2005
  • Director’s Memo regarding Chapter 55, P.L. 2004
  • FAQs
  • Form A-3128 - Claim for Refund of Estimated Gross Income Tax Payment Required on the Sale of Real Property Located in New Jersey, under the provisions of C.55, PL 2004
  • GIT/ REP-1 – Nonresident Seller’s Tax Declaration
  • GIT/ REP-2 – Nonresident Seller’s Tax Prepayment Receipt
  • GIT/ REP-3 – Seller’s Residency Certification/Exemption
  • GIT/ REP-4 – Waiver of Seller’s Filing Requirement of GIT/ REP Forms and Payment
  • GIT/ REP-4A – Waiver of Seller’s Filing Requirement of GIT/ REP Forms and Payment for Corrected Deed with No Consideration
  • Individual Taxpayer ID Number – Federal Form W-7
  • Informational Memos Regarding GIT Forms
  • Memorandum – Chapter 19
  • Technical Bulletin 57(R) - Estimated Gross Income Tax Payment Requirements on Sales of New Jersey Real Property by Nonresidents

  • Last Updated: Wednesday, 08/20/14

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