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During the late 1990’s, New Jersey participated in a national initiative to Re-invent Agricultural Education for the Year 2020. Over 1200 local and state stakeholders developed the vision and goals for the ‘preferred future’ of agricultural education.  The state vision and goals were unveiled in 1999 and in 2000 the first goal was realized when the New Jersey Department of Agriculture was the first state department of agriculture in the country to administer the ‘complete’ program of agricultural education. A ‘complete’ program of agricultural education includes classroom/lab instruction, experiential learning through supervised agricultural experiences and leadership/personal development through FFA. Over the next five years, the eight goals were the driving force for New Jersey’s program.

The 2004 New Jersey Agricultural Education Summit re-evaluated the states’ goals and objectives and initiated a renewed course for the future. Forty participants represented the following organizations: NJ Agricultural Education Advisory Council, NJ Agricultural Educators Association, NJ FFA Alumni Association, NJ FFA Foundation, Inc. and NJ FFA Association.

Most recently, a committee of teachers and organization representatives refined the goals and objectives, which will sharpen our focus to lead New Jersey’s AFNR Education into the future, continue to serve our current audience, in addition to new audiences of students and prepare students to fill the thousands of annual openings in the ‘science, business, and technology of agriculture’.

New JerseyAFNR Education Program Goals:
  1. Create a public awareness for AFNR Education programs and advocate ‘standards for quality programs’ to school administrators, teachers, legislators, parents, students and agriculture industry representatives.
  2. Deliver technologically advanced, scientific and applied AFNR Education to prepare students for successful careers and meet state CCCS.
  3. Insure that all students have access to progressive educational delivery systems in AFNR Education.


Endorsed by NJ Ag Ed Advisory Council 5/23/06

Endorsed by NJAEA 8/8/06