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Eastern States Exposition

FFA members from the fifteen states comprising the National FFA Eastern Region compete annually at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts. This event usually take place in early September. FFA members participate in a variety of Career Development Events (CDE) reflecting activities in programs of Agriculture, Agribusiness, and Natural Resources Education. Over the years, the activities have been changed to reflect the changes in the industry of agriculture, which as resulted in expansion of the program of events. The Regional FFA Program at the Eastern States Exposition is considered the most significant FFA activities of the Eastern FFA Region.

These major FFA activities at the Eastern States Exposition are conducted during the first and second days of the 17-day Exposition. Every effort is made by the Regional FFA Program Planning Committee to make the events educational and relevant to the needs of high school youth studying Agriculture, Agribusiness and Natural Resources Education. Significant public relations values are realized as thousands of citizens in the East observe the FFA members in action.

The Eastern States Exposition FFA Career Development Events are educational activities organized by the Eastern States Exposition FFA Planning Committee, sponsored by the Easter States Exposition and by special industry sponsors.

Teams and individuals that place first in each state may compete at the Eastern Exposition Career Development Events (Horse Judging, Farm Business Management, Dairy & Livestock Judging, Nursery/Landscape, Dairy Products, Poultry, Tractor Driving, Extemporaneous & 6 - 8 minute Public Speaking, Agricultural Mechanics, Floriculture, Forestry, and Star Farmer & Agribusiness Interviews. The following are other areas which chapters may be involved with: Floral Arrangement Exhibit, Floral Design Demonstrations, Landscape Exhibits, FFA Parade, and Dairy Cattle Handlers.