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Necropsy Pathology Services Letter

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory (AHDL) would like to thank our clients for their continuous support of our necropsy services. Necropsy is one of the fastest-growing services offered by the AHDL. As a result, the two AHDL pathologists are overwhelmed with the continually increasing number of animals being submitted for necropsy.

The AHDL will continue accepting all animal species for necropsy submitted by veterinarians, farmers, and law enforcement while prioritizing animal health, public health, and food safety cases. The AHDL is attempting to hire another pathologist to alleviate the situation. However, it has been challenging to find a veterinary pathologist considering the veterinarian shortage situation. The AHDL will continue its efforts to hire a third pathologist.    

As a result of the increasing caseload and pathologist shortage, the AHDL has been sending out biopsies and samples collected from necropsy to our partner labs to support our necropsy services. It has become necessary to charge (pass thru) for the services provided by partner labs effective immediately due significant increase in fees by partner labs. The N.J.A.C. 2:10, Laboratory Services allow the AHDL to pass thru partner lab charges for services provided to our clients.

Please call the NJDA AHDL at (609) 406-6999 or email jerseyvetlab@ag.nj.gov with any questions.

Thank you for being an esteemed client.


NJ Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory