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Fee schedule (pdf 607kb)

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture is permitted by law to charge those fees for animal disease diagnostic and testing services which are necessary for the Department to recover the costs incurred for materials, equipment, test kits, reagents, and some associated personnel expenses for these testing services.

Interpretation or utilization of laboratory results in the context of animal or herd health to provide services like treatment to cure diseases, vaccinations to prevent diseases, issuance of health certificates and the like are within the practice of veterinary medicine and therefore done by licensed veterinarians as provided in the Veterinary Practice Act. Licensed veterinarians may charge for their services.

NJAHDL subcontracts work for some tests as indicated by a pound (#) sign in the fee schedule. Any work subcontracted will be indicated as such on the laboratory report. Actual shipping cost will be charged to client accounts for subcontracted tests.