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New Jersey offers a variety of statewide energy efficiency programs that are designed to offer full project development assistance from information on best practices to rebate payments and financing tools. These programs include the New Jersey Clean Energy Program, the New Jersey SmartStart Building Program and the MotorUp Premium Efficiency Motor Initiative as well as several programs for individual homeowners.

A clean, abundant, reliable and affordable source of energy is essential to any business, including agriculture. Renewable energy is a never-ending supply of energy through sources like wind and sun. As stewards of our environment, farmers can reinforce their pledge to sustainable agriculture by using renewable energy and help reduce pollution, global warming, and our dependence on imported fuels. Installation of energy efficient equipment, adoption of energy-saving practices and renewable energy generation is a viable option for New Jersey farmers seeking to reduce their operating costs.

Examples of efficient or renewable energy technologies include, photovaltaic cells, concentrating solar power, low temperature solar collectors and wind energy.

Construction permits, farmland assessment implications, and municipal zoning laws must be considered prior to the installation of wind turbines and other structures.

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