Casino Revenue Fund-Supported Programs

Program Name Department Division
Private Institutional Care1 Human Services Developmental Disabilities
Skill Development Homes2 Human Services Developmental Disabilities
Group Homes Human Services Developmental Disabilities
Statewide Birth Defects Registry Health Family Health Services
Home Assistance3 Human Services Developmental Disabilities
Purchase of After School and Camp Services4 Human Services Developmental Disabilities
Purchase of Adult Activity Services5 Human Services Developmental Disabilities
Vocational Rehabilitation Services6 Labor Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Hearing Aid Assistance for the Aged and Disabled Human Services Aging Services
Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled Human Services Aging Services
Personal Assistance Services Program7 Human Services Disability Services
Community Based Senior Programs8 Human Services Aging Services
Transportation Assistance for Senior Citizens and Disabled Residents NJ Transit Public Transportation Services
Adult Protective Services9 Human Services Aging Services
Homemaker Home Health Aide Certification Program10 Law and Public Safety Board of Nursing


  1. Private Institutional Care provides institutional services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Individuals reside in private institutions when their needs cannot be met by the state-operated developmental centers or community services.      
  2. Homes that teach self-care and housekeeping skills to developmentally disabled individuals.       
  3. In-home services in the areas of personal care, activities of daily living and family support for developmentally disabled individuals.       
  4. Provides after school and summer camp services to individuals with disabilities.       
  5. Provides community-based day services to adults with developmental disabilities to develop personal, social, and work skills.        
  6. Provides individualized services to assist persons with disabilities to prepare for, obtain and/or maintain employment.       
  7. Provides routine, non-medical assistance to adults with disabilities who are employed, involved in community volunteer work, or attending school.       
  8. Includes Alzheimer's Adult Day Services, Congregate Housing Services, the Safe Housing and Transportation Program, Statewide Respite, Adult Protective Services, and Statewide Home-delivered meals.
  9. Receives and investigates reports of suspected abuse, neglect, and exploitation of vulnerable adults living in a community setting.
  10. Board of Nursing-approved program providing training to care for ill and disabled individuals.