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State of New Jersey, Civil Service Commission
Governor Phil Murphy • Lt.Governor Sheila Oliver

The New Jersey Civil Service Commission is taking further steps to reallocate a number of State, local, and common titles from the competitive to the non-competitive class of service.  This action will provide State and local agencies with the flexibility and timeliness needed to meet their staffing needs.

The second phase of this reallocation includes titles for which either the primary requirement is a license or certification issued by the State of New Jersey, a specialization of education or skills is required, and/or testing methods may be impractical.  For titles that require a license or certification, the Civil Service Commission currently does not typically administer written examinations for such titles since possession of the license and/or certification establishes that the applicant has successfully met the requirements necessary to qualify for the title.  State-issued licenses can easily be verified by the issuing agency. The Appointing Authority will be responsible for ensuring and verifying the employee's license status, as is currently the case with existing titles assigned to the non-competitive class of service.  In cases where specific experience is also required, the Appointing Authority will also verify that these requirements have been met.

For other titles that are part of this phase, competitive testing is not practical due to the nature of the knowledge, skills and abilities associated by the job.  For this reason the Civil Service Commission believes that these titles should be moved to the non-competitive class of service.

We are certain this class of service reallocation represents a positive and welcomed step towards change in our business practices.

To view a list of the titles that are being proposed for reallocation, click on the appropriate link below:

State Titles - Competitive to Non-Competitive

Local Titles - Competitive to Non-Competitive

Common Titles - Competitive to Non-Competitive

Questions or comments about this process should be directed to John Teubner, Deputy Director, Division of Classification and Personnel Management, CSC at John.Teubner@csc.state.nj.us.  All submissions must be received no later than November 28, 2012.


Apprentice Inspector, Multiple Dwelling 55472
Charge Nurse - 10 Months 03682
Charge Nurse - 12 Months 59966
Charge Nurse - 12 Months 03853
Clinical Laboratory Technician 01773
Clinical Nurse 03952
Clinical Specialist in Psychiatric Nursing 00473
Geographic Information Systems Specialist 1 03210
Geographic Information Systems Specialist 2 03209
Geographic Information Systems Specialist 3 03208
Geographic Information Systems Specialist Trainee 03207
Head Hairdresser 40922
Health Care Services Evaluator/Nurse 60451
Highway Marker 42032
Interpreter for the Deaf 55892
Nursing Consultant 00183
Operating Engineer Repairer 40432
Radiation Physicist 1 59980
Radiation Physicist 1, Mammography Unit 59980c
Radiation Physicist 2 59981
Radiation Physicist 2, Mammography Unit 59981c
Radiation Physicist 3 59982
Regional Pharmaceutical Consultant 01296
Regulatory Officer 4 56749
Repairer, Mechanical 43721
Staff Clinical Psychologist 2 60309
Staff Clinical Psychologist 2, Div. of Mental Health 60309c
Staff Clinical Psychologist 3 60310
Staff Clinical Psychologist 3, Div. of Mental Health 60310c
Supervising Nuclear Engineer 59995
Supervising Radiation Physicist 18085
Therapist Music 03662


Human Services Aide 02085


Chief Nursing Officer Psychiatric 00545
Geographic Information Systems Specialist 1 03177
Geographic Information Systems Specialist 2 03163
Geographic Information Systems Specialist 3 03176
Geographic Information Systems Specialist Trainee 03174
Medical Records Technician 21054

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