Office of the Chair

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Allison Chris Myers

Chair & Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 609-292-4145

The Chairperson/Chief Executive Officer is a cabinet position appointed by the Governor and works with the Governor’s Office to communicate the Administration’s human resource polices and achievements. The person serves as chief advisor and decision maker on all matters related to civil service and to oversee internal and agency external operations. Functions of the Office of the Chair/CEO include: developing an effective communications strategy; responding to inquiries from Legislators, the media and the public; and ensuring the fair and equitable treatment of CSC employees through EEO/AA. The Chair/CEO also directs rulemaking and chairs the Civil Service Commission, a quasi-judicial body charged with rendering decisions on appeals related to civil service employment.

Allison Chris Myers was confirmed by the Senate as Chair & Chief Executive Officer of the New Jersey Civil Service Commission on June 20, 2023, after serving as Acting Chair/CEO since January 1, 2023.

Drawing on over 31 years of professional experience, Chairwoman Myers provides an array of knowledge in administrative law, human resources, appeals, and regulatory affairs. Chairwoman Myers began her professional journey as a Reserve Personnel Coordinator for the United States Navy, in San Diego, CA, where she processed payroll for US Navy Reservists and performed technical and administrative work for legal case filings. After 4 years of military service, Chairwoman Myers held positions in marketing and sales over the next eight years.

In 2001, Chairwoman Myers began her career at the New Jersey Civil Service Commission as a Personnel and Labor Analyst Trainee, eventually becoming the Director of the Division of Appeals and Regulatory Affairs (DARA) within the Civil Service Commission in 2017. In this role, she supervised the legal liaison function of DARA, responded to inquiries pertaining to civil service regulatory matters, and oversaw the management and daily activities of the Division. In July 2022, Chairwoman Myers became the Deputy Chair/CEO of the New Jersey Civil Service Commission, where she assisted the Chairwoman/CEO in the administration of the agency’s programs, liaised with the Governor’s Office, and directed the implementation of financial and statistical reports in support of the Agency.

Chairwoman Myers received the professional achievement award in 2009 in recognition of her work developing and implementing the Civil Service Index, a comprehensive digest of cases decided by the former merit system board and the New Jersey Civil Service Commission.

In her free time, Chairwoman Myers enjoys vegetable gardening, reading, and playing Scrabble with her spouse, Lori. Chairwoman Myers earned her Associate of Arts in Business Administration from Cumberland County College, Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies from Rutgers College New Brunswick, and her Juris Doctorate from Rutgers School of Law. In addition, Chairwoman Myers was admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 2000.

photo of Joseph Greer

Joseph Greer

Chief of Staff

Phone: (609) 690-8148

Joseph Greer is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Civil Service Commission

Joseph Greer is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Civil Service Commission.  As the primary back-up to the Chair/CEO, he ensures the goals and objectives of the Civil Service Commission are met and follows through with the Governor’s Office to achieve the Chair/CEO’s mission.  In addition, he is responsible for executive oversight of the Division of Agency Services, OPRA, and the Office of Strategic Communications.

Photo of Ryan Mistichelli

Ryan Mistichelli

Legislative Liaison/OPRA Records Custodian

Phone: (609) 690-8196

Responsible for monitoring federal, state, and local government regulations and legislation. The Legislative Liaison provides responses to civil service-related inquiries from the Governor’s Office, legislators, State, and local government officials, outside organizations and associations. Monitors and responds to OPRA e-mail.

photo of Alyssa Johnson

Alyssa Johnson

Communications Manager

Phone: 609-690-8069

Responsible for managing CSC’s social media channels, writing and distributing press releases, and responding to media inquiries.

Alyssa Johnson is the Communications Officer for the New Jersey Civil Service Commission. Among other tasks, Alyssa is primarily responsible for managing CSC’s social media profiles, writing and distributing press releases, and responding to media inquiries.

CSC Commission Members

  • Allison Chris Myers
  • Dolores Gorczyca
  • Daniel W. O'Mullan
  • Diomedes Tsitouras
  • Christina Mongon

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