Veterans Information and the Rule of Three

New Jersey values the contributions that our veterans have made, and continue to make, for our country's freedom and for other nations around the world. As such, New Jersey's merit system provides absolute veterans preference in employee selection. This means that qualified veterans are placed at the top of an open competitive employment list ahead of non-veterans regardless of their scores. Disabled veterans and veterans are placed on promotional lists according to their scores, but they have preference over non-veterans when a disabled veteran or veteran is at the top of a certification of the list to an appointing authority.

For information on obtaining Veterans Preference on CSC examinations, you must apply to the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (Phone: 1-888-865-8387) by completing the Civil Service Veterans Preference Claim Form.

View the Service requirements for Civil Service Veterans Preference eligibility.


How Veterans Preference Works

The Civil Service Commission operates under what is commonly known as the "Rule of Three." The "Rule of Three" means that after an open competitive or promotional exam is held, the Appointing Authority may select any candidate from the top three ranks unless a veteran is in the top three ranks as noted below. Veterans Preference gives all eligible Disabled Veterans and Veterans priority on the certified lists. However, the "Rule of Three" is applied differently to Open Competitive Exams than to Promotional Exams.

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