Under New Jersey law, all new home builders must be registered with the Dept. of Community Affairs.

A builder cannot obtain a Permit to build a new home without first being registered.

A builder's registration may be denied, suspended or revoked if the builder: 1) fails to provide new home warranty coverage and participate in a warranty plan, 2) fails to correct or settle warranty claims, 3) commits fraud, 4) makes a misrepresentation in its registration application, or 5) substantially violates the NJ Uniform Construction Code.

A Permit for the construction of a new home CANNOT be issued to a builder entity whose registration is revoked or suspended.

Click on the link below to see the listing of ALL NJ builders: 1) actively registered, 2) that are suspended, 3) that are revoked, or 4) that are bankrupt.  The list is sorted alphabetically by builder name; builder names beginning with numbers appear in numerical order at the beginning of the list.

The list's file format is .pdf.  As such, the 'Find' feature may be used to search builder name, registration number, or even builder status.

Note: If a builder is not on this list, that means it is not currently registered with the State of New Jersey.  Builders that have let their registrations lapse, i.e. expire, are no longer considered registered builders.

List of Registered Builders