Bulletins are issued to provide advice to code enforcing agencies, builders, and designers when it is found that an issue that is in need of clarification is adequately dealt with by existing rules and that rulemaking is not appropriate or necessary.

 No. 15-4 Issued, Dec. 2015
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 11-1)
Energy Subcode Compliance
(includes Form 392)
 No. 15-3 Issued, Dec. 2015 Group Classifications for Residential and Institutional Occupancies
 No. 15-2 Issued, Sept. 2015
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 12-1)
Adopted Codes, Standards and Recommended Practices Referenced Under Informational Notes of the National Electrical Code 2014
 No. 15-1 Issued, July 2015
(Correction March 2016)
Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Carbonated Beverage Systems
 No. 14-3 Issued, Nov. 2014 Jurisdiction Over Site Work
 No. 14-2 Code Ref. Update, Feb. 2016 Use of NFPA 14 Manual Wet Fire Standpipes
 No. 14-1 Code Ref. Update, Feb. 2016 New One- or Two-Family Dwellings Installing NFPA 13D or P2904 Instead of NFPA 13R Sprinkler Systems
 No. 13-1B Revised, June 2015 Pile Foundation Design Issues in Flood Hazard Areas for One- and Two-Family Dwellings
 No. 13-1A Issued, May 2013 Elevating Existing Houses
 No. 11-3 Issued, May 2011 Antifreeze in New Residential and Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems-NFPA 13, 13D or 13R
 No. 11-2 Issued, Apr. 2011 Fire Alarm Transmission Channels and Managed Facilities Voice Networks
 No. 09-1 Code Ref. Update, Jan. 2016
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 04-1)
Permit Requirements for LP-Gas Systems
 No. 07-3 Revised, June 2015 Ice Dam Membrane/Ice Barrier
 No. 07-1 Code Ref. Update, Jan. 2016 Premanufactured Construction
 No. 06-1 Issued, Feb. 2006 Work Performed Without Permits
 No. 05-2 Revised, Dec. 2015 Seismic Hazard Maps
 No. 05-1 Code Ref. Update, Sept. 2008 Issuance of Notice of Violation After Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy and Transfer of Title
 No. 04-2 Issued, Jul. 2004
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 95-3)
Oxford House
 No. 03-5 Revised, Dec. 2015 Special Inspections
 No. 03-4 Revised, Dec. 2015 Wind Speed Map
 No. 03-3 Revised, Apr. 2013 Public Access to Building Plans
 No. 02-2 Revised, Apr. 2008 Availability of Concrete-Encased Electrodes
 No. 02-1 Issued, Jan. 2002 Affordable Housing
 No. 01-2 Code Ref. Update, Feb. 2016 Temporary Certificates of Occupancy
 No. 01-1 Issued, May 2001 Railroad Facilities and Superfund Sites
 No. 00-3 Revised, Jan. 2014
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 91-3)
Public Schools - Plan Review Procedure, Facility Planning Standards, and UCC Enhancements
 No. 99-3 Code Ref. Update, Oct. 2007 Carbon Monoxide Alarms
 No. 99-2 Revised, Oct. 2008 Testing of Backflow Preventers
 No. 99-1 Revised, Aug. 2008 Periodic Electrical Inspections, and "Bonding and Grounding" Certificates for Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs
 No. 98-4 Code Ref. Update, Apr. 2006 Site Lighting Installations by Utilities
 No. 98-3 Revised, Dec. 2013 Health Care Facilities Plan Review
 No. 98-1 Issued, Jan. 1998 Rehab Subcode Matrix
 No. 97-1 Issued, Oct. 1997 Development, Fire Safety, and Prior Approvals
 No. 96-3 Issued, Dec. 1996 Prior Approval for Septic Systems
 No. 96-2 Revised, Oct. 2017 Signing and Sealing of Construction Documents
 No. 96-1 Issued, Apr. 1996 Contractor Pricing
 No. 95-2 Issued, Sept. 1995 Elder Cottage Housing Opportunities (ECHO) Units
 No. 95-1D Revised, Sept. 2017
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 88-8)
Removal/Abandonment of Underground Storage Tanks Regulated by DEP
 No. 95-1C Revised, Sept. 2017 Installation of Underground Storage Tanks Regulated by DEP
 No. 95-1B Revised, Sept. 2017
(Combines and Supersedes Bulletin Nos. 88-3, 91-4 and 93-1)
Removal/Abandonment of Residential Heating Oil Tanks and Other Heating Oil Tanks Under 2001 Gallons
 No. 95-1A Revised, Sept. 2017
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 92-2)
Installation of Residential Heating Oil Tanks and Other Heating Oil Tanks Under 2001 Gallons
 No. 95-1 Revised, Sept. 2017 Flammable and Combustible Liquid Storage Tanks
 No. 94-10 Code Ref. Update, Oct. 2007 Standard Forms and Fees
 No. 94-9 Code Ref. Update, Jan. 2016
(Combines and Supersedes Bulletin Nos. 81-2 and 90-4)
Accepted Engineering Practice
 No. 94-8 Revised, Dec. 2015
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 81-9)
Ground Snow Loads
 No. 94-7 Revised, July 2016 Plans for Elevator Devices
 No. 94-6 Code Ref. Update, Feb. 2006
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 88-5)
Fire Alarm Systems
 No. 94-4 Code Ref. Update, Oct. 2007 Partial Plan Filing and Approval
 No. 94-3 Code Ref. Update, Feb. 2006 Permit Documentation
 No. 94-2 Code Ref. Update, Oct. 2007 Emergency Operation of Elevators
 No. 94-1 Revised, Apr. 2008
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 90-6)
Sizing of Gas Piping
 No. 93-7 Code Ref. Update, Nov. 2008 Temporary Construction in Campgrounds
 No. 93-5 Code Ref. Update, Feb. 2014 Renovations and Demolitions Involving Asbestos
 No. 93-4 Revised, Feb. 2006 Radon Hazard Subcode and Radon Mitigation Work in Existing Buildings
 No. 93-3 Code Ref. Update, Jan. 2016 Cathodic Protection of Gas Piping
 No. 93-2 Revised, Feb. 1997 Leased Structures
 No. 91-2 Revised, June 2005 Compliance with Requirements of the Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Act
 No. 90-8 Code Ref. Update, Dec. 2005 Alterations Mandated by Other Codes
 No. 90-7 Code Ref. Update, Jan. 2016 Churches and Houses of Worship, Mixed-Use Occupancy
 No. 90-5 Issued, Dec. 1990 Placement of Gas Piping Inspection Stickers
 No. 90-3 Code Ref. Update, Jan. 2016 Gypsum Wallboard Classification
 No. 88-10 Code Ref. Update, Mar. 2008 Private On-Site Water Supply Systems
 No. 88-2 Revised, Dec. 1994 Manufactured Housing
 No. 88-1 Revised, Nov. 2005 Electric Utility Company Installations
 No. 85-4 Code Ref. Update, Nov. 2005 Inspection of Gas Piping and Appliance Installations
 No. 81-7 Code Ref. Update, Oct. 2007 Plans/Sketches for the Upgrade and Installation of Smoke Alarms in Hotels and Multiple Dwellings
 No. 80-6 Code Ref. Update, Jan. 2016 Manufactured Homes
 No. 80-5 Code Ref. Update, Oct. 2007 Proper Utilization of Temporary Power Taps
 No. 79-7 Revised, May 1995 Septic Systems
 No. 79-6 Code Ref. Update, Mar. 2014 Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Security Requirements
 No. 79-2 Revised, July 2016 Testing of Plumbing Systems
 No. 79-1 Revised, Apr. 2008 Prior Approvals for Potable Water Wells
Active and Withdrawn Bulletins