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The Comprehensive Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CCAPTA), effective July 31, 1997, allows DCP&P to release information regarding a child death or near death that was the result of abuse or neglect. The law can be found at N.J.S.A. 9:6-8.10a and the regulations can be found at N.J.A.C. 10:133G-4.

For information on the Child Fatality and Near Fatality Review Board, click here.

Individual Public CCAPTA Reports

Under federal and state statutes, the state releases specific information regarding a child fatality resulting from child abuse or neglect. This information includes:

  • details about the child victim at the time of the fatality, including the initials, gender, age, and home county
  • the nature of the incident and cause of death
  • information on alleged perpetrator and relationship to the child victim, as available
  • the family history (if applicable and pertinent to the fatality) of a child victim, prior to and at the time of the fatality, including the date and disposition of each prior referral received about the family, investigation findings, case closure dates, and any services provided to the family (i.e. domestic violence services, substance abuse counseling, parenting classes, etc.)
  • the last date of contact DCP&P had with the child victim’s family prior to the fatality (if applicable).

Below are individual CCAPTA reports for each child fatality, which will be posted annually, beginning with the creation of the department in July 2006.

Please be advised that these web postings do not proactively disclose the full names of the victims to respect surviving relatives and family members.

2022 CCAPTA Reports (pdf)  
2020 - 2021 CCAPTA Reports (pdf)  
2019 CCAPTA Reports (pdf)  
2018 CCAPTA Reports (pdf)
2017 CCAPTA Reports (pdf)
2016 CCAPTA Reports (pdf)
2015 CCAPTA Reports (pdf)
2014 CCAPTA Reports
2013 CCAPTA Reports (pdf)
2012 CCAPTA Reports (pdf)
2011 CCAPTA Reports (pdf)
2010 CCAPTA Reports (pdf)
2009 CCAPTA Reports (pdf)
2008 CCAPTA Reports (pdf)
2007 CCAPTA Reports (pdf)
2006 CCAPTA Reports, July-December (pdf)

Important Notice: CCAPTA data may be updated at a future time due to ongoing investigation and/or appeal process.