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Another Chinese Delegation Visits DRBC

DRBC periodically receives requests to host delegations from other countries to discuss the commission and its programs. A delegation of 20 environmental regulatory officials who work at the national, provincial, and local levels in the People's Republic of China visited DRBC on February 28, 2013. Deputy Executive Director Bob Tudor provided an overview of the Delaware River Basin and the DRBC along with a brief explanation of the commission's work in the functional areas of water supply/flow management and water quality. He also spoke about Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and its key concepts:

  • Manage water sustainably
  • Integrate water management between and within levels of government and other organizations
  • Involve the local public and stakeholders from all water use sectors
  • Recognize the interconnectedness of land and water; surface water and groundwater; water quantity and water quality; freshwater and coastal waters; rivers and the broader watershed

Three IWRM examples were briefly discussed, including the Flexible Flow Management Program (FFMP), Regional Sediment Management Plan (RSMP), and Strategy for Sustainable Water Resources - 2060.