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DRBC Staff Pen Articles Featured in PDE's Summer 2013 Newsletter

The summer 2013 edition of the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary's (PDE) quarterly newsletter, Estuary News, is now available for download at http://www.delawareestuary.org/estuary-news-newsletter. Themed The Clean-water Economy, the newsletter features two articles written by DRBC staff.

Dr. Thomas Fikslin, Modeling, Monitoring, and Assessment Branch Manager, wrote "Restoring the Health of the Delaware Estuary." The article highlights how the formation of the DRBC aided the restoration of the ecological health of the Delaware River Estuary through establishing clean-water standards to help increase dissolved oxygen levels. Adequate levels of dissolved oxygen are necessary for the survival and reproduction of resident and migratory fish populations and other aquatic life. Dr. Fikslin also mentions plans that look to further improve oxygen levels by focusing on reducing nutrient pollution entering the waters of the estuary.

David Sayers, Information Technology and Water Use Section Supervisor, wrote "Which do You Think about More? Water or Wi-Fi? HBO or H2O?" The article discusses how the Delaware River Basin supplies water to millions of people within and outside the watershed, as well as the importance of clean drinking water. DRBC has collected over 20 years of water-supply data, which indicate a downward trend in use, thanks in part to water conservation efforts throughout the basin. Using water more efficiently helps balance the growing demand for this finite, life-sustaining resource for current and future generations.

The newsletter can be downloaded directly at http://www.delawareestuary.org/pdf/EstuaryNews/2013/SummerNews13.pdf (pdf 952 KB).