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DRBC Staff Lead Developer for Water Audit Software

DRBC Information Technology and Water Use Section Supervisor David Sayers was the top developer of a recent update to the American Water Works Association's (AWWA) Free Water Audit Software©. The DRBC has been a leader in water loss management, requiring water users in the Delaware River Basin to complete the AWWA water audit, a recognized best practice approach to identify water losses and non-revenue water. Released in August 2014, version 5.0 boasts significant improvements over earlier versions of the software. Mr. Sayers, a member of the Software Subcommittee of the AWWA Water Loss Control Committee, also provided his knowledge and expertise as lead developer of prior generations of the software, the most recent of which was released in 2010 and for which he received special recognition from AWWA in 2011.

AWWA's Free Water Audit Software© is an easy-to-use, spreadsheet-based tool for U.S. public water suppliers, providing operational accountability by tracking how effectively water is moved from its source to customers' taps and quantifying losses. Nationwide, it is estimated that an average of 6 billion gallons of water a day is taken from water resources but never reaches the customer. In the Delaware River Basin, these losses are estimated at approximately 150 million gallons a day. Water losses are most frequently due to leaky or damaged infrastructure, inaccurate meter readings, and/or erroneous billing practices.

In 2009, DRBC approved a regulation requiring public water suppliers utilize the AWWA Free Water Audit Software© for data collection and annual reporting beginning with calendar year 2012. The water audit requirement is part of the commission's ongoing efforts to ensure progressive water resources management and enhance water conservation in the basin by helping to decrease water demand at the source, reduce treatment costs, and improve system efficiency. DRBC is one of only a handful of regulators in the U.S. that has made the AWWA methodology a regulatory requirement.

DRBC has long recognized the importance and value of using water wisely at all times, not just during times of drought. DRBC's ambitious water conservation program also includes requirements for metering, leak detection and repair programs, water conservation plans, and water conservation performance standards for plumbing fixtures, further highlighting its leadership in water supply planning and conservation efforts.