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DRBC Staff Presenters, Panelist at National Water Resources Conference

The important work of the DRBC was highlighted at the American Water Resources Association's (AWRA) annual conference, which was held on November 3-6, 2014 in Tysons Corner, Va. Several staff members were featured in this national conference, providing presentations on DRBC water quality efforts and water supply programs and participating on a special session panel on Mid-Atlantic river basin commissions.

On November 5, DRBC Executive Director Steve Tambini participated in the special session on "The First and Next 50 Years of Compact River Basin Management in the Mid-Atlantic." Mr. Tambini's presentation (pdf 2.5 MB), titled 50 Years and Counting: Unified Water Management in the Delaware River Basin, gave an overview of the Delaware River Basin and the DRBC, focusing on the following commission programs: water supply and apportionment, drought management, water quality, planning, and regulatory review. Fellow mid-Atlantic river basin commission executive directors sat on this panel with DRBC's Tambini, each providing information about their respective agencies and how they undertake complex water resource management issues.

Two other staff members also presented on November 5. DRBC Modeling, Monitoring, and Assessment Branch Manager Thomas Fikslin, Ph.D., discussed PCB TMDL implementation in the Delaware River Estuary (pdf 2.6 MB), and also explained DRBC's baseline monitoring activities in the basin in advance of potential natural gas development (pdf 3.4 MB). David Sayers, Information Technology and Water Use Section Supervisor, provided an overview of DRBC's water audit program (pdf 1.8 MB), which requires basin water purveyors to utilize a recognized best practice approach to identify water losses and non-revenue water. This program is part of the commission's ongoing efforts to ensure progressive water resources management and enhance water conservation in the basin by helping to decrease water demand at the source, reduce treatment costs, and improve system efficiency.

On November 6, DRBC Planning and Information Technology Branch Manager Kenneth Najjar, Ph.D., participated in a session on Mid-Atlantic Watershed Planning. His presentation (pdf 2.5 MB), titled Water Withdrawals in the Delaware River Basin: Past Trends and Future Planning, provided attendees with data on how much Delaware River Basin water is used daily, with a special focus on the public water supply, power generation, and industry sectors. Past and current consumptive use trends were discussed, as well as how DRBC can best plan for the future in the face of variables that include climate change, population growth/shifts in demographics, and energy development.

Founded in 1964, AWRA is a national, professional association dedicated to the advancement of water resources management, research, and education. This year's conference was organized by the National Capital Region section and celebrated 50 years of the AWRA. For full details, please visit http://www.awra.org/meetings/Annual2014/.