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DRBC Water Quality Assessment Manager John Yagecic presents at the AWWA-NJ's annual conference. Photo by DRBC.
DRBC Staff Participate in AWWA NJ's Annual Conference

The American Water Works Association of New Jersey (AWWA-NJ) held its annual conference last week in Atlantic City, N.J. On Thursday, March 17, 2016, several commission staff members participated in the conference, leading a session on DRBC and Shared Water Resource Management.

DRBC Executive Director Steve Tambini opened the session and provided an overview and introduction to the commission. Next, DRBC Water Resource Operations Manager Amy Shallcross discussed basin water supply and flow management issues, followed by Water Quality Assessment Manager John Yagecic, who talked about protecting water quality for drinking water. DRBC Water Resource Planner Kent Barr gave the concluding presentation, which focused on basin water use and the commission's water audit program. Participating staff enjoyed discussing commission programs and policies with conference attendees, providing information on the valuable work that DRBC undertakes, as well as the complexities and intricacies of basin water resource management.

Dedicated to providing N.J. residents with safe drinking water, AWWA-NJ is part of the larger American Water Works Association, which is a national organization of water professionals and vendors that protects and provides drinking water resources.

DRBC Presentations: