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DRBC Hosts Chinese Delegation, Discusses DRB Water Resource Management

Earlier this month, DRBC hosted a delegation from China at the commission's West Trenton headquarters. The visitors included six engineers from the Guangdong Water Resources and Hydropower Planning & Design Institute, Guangdong Province Hanjiang River Basin Administration, and the Guangdong Research Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower. Accompanying them on their three-hour DRBC visit were a professor and two graduate students from the School of Engineering at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

With backgrounds in water resources engineering and management, the delegation members were interested in meeting with DRBC staff and learning from them about DRBC’s history, programs, and responsibilities, including water quality and drought management activities. The delegation will be spending a total of about three months at Rutgers before returning to China in December.

DRBC presenters included Communications Manager Clarke Rupert, Science and Water Quality Management Director Tom Fikslin, Ph.D., and Water Resource Modeling Manager Namsoo Suk, Ph.D.

This is the second international delegation that visited the DRBC this fall. Last month, DRBC hosted a group of 15 government officials from South Korea.