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Time to Spring Clean the Delaware River Basin: A Shortlist of Events

With spring just around the corner, organizations and volunteers are preparing to give the Delaware River Basin a thorough spring cleaning.

Below is a shortlist of events organized by date. Please visit the links to learn more about each opportunity.


Schuylkill Scrub: March 1 - May 31, www.schuylkillscrub.org  

Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania: March 1 - May 31, http://www.gacofpa.org/

Red Clay Valley Watershed: March 25, 8AM-12PM, www.brandywineredclay.org/event/red-clay-valley-clean-up-2/  

Spring Lake/Abbott Marshlands: March 25, 9AM-12PM, email ambassadorwma20@gmail.com

United by Blue - Cobbs Creek Cleanup: April 4, 5PM-7PM, https://unitedbyblue.com/blogs/cleanups/cobbs-creek-cleanup

Christina River: April 8, 8AM-11AM, www.christinarivercleanup.org/

Delaware Canal: April 8, 9AM, http://events.dcnr.pa.gov/event/delaware_canal_clean-up_day#.WMB4NWB0yUk

Darby Creek: April 15, 8AM-12PM, email erika_scarborough@fws.gov

Musconetcong River: April 15, 9AM-12PM, www.musconetcong.org/cleanups.php

Brandywine River: April 22, 9AM-1PM, www.brandywine.org/brandywine/events/24th-annual-brandywine-river-cleanup

Chester, Ridley, Crum Creeks: April 22, 9AM-11:30AM, http://www.crcwatersheds.org/

French Creek: April 22, 8:30AM-12PM, https://www.greenvalleys.org/event/2017-french-creek-clean-up/

Pennypack Creek: April 22, 10AM-12PM, http://pennypacktrust.org/events/

Darby Creek Watershed: April 29, 9AM-12PM, www.dcva.org/watershed-cleanups

Wissahickon Creek: April 29, 9AM, www.wvwa.org/creekcleanup/

Love Your Park Week (Philadelphia): May 13-21, http://loveyourpark.org/

United by Blue - Delaware River Cleanup: May 16, 5PM-7PM, https://unitedbyblue.com/blogs/cleanups/delaware-river-cleanup