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DRBC Staff Participate in PA Coast Day Celebration

Earlier this month, DRBC staff returned to Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, Pa. to participate in the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary's (PDE) 16th Annual Pennsylvania Coast Day, a celebration of Pennsylvania's coast and its importance to the region.

You may be asking yourself, Pennsylvania has a coast? Yes, indeed! In the Delaware River Basin, Pennsylvania has roughly 55 miles of shoreline along the Delaware River Estuary, the tidal part of the river where fresh and salt water mix.

In addition to talking with Coast Day attendees about the commission, DRBC's Kate Schmidt and Donna Woolf relayed fun facts about the watershed and about horseshoe crabs and bald eagles, two interesting and unique creatures that call the Delaware River Basin home. Staff also shared stories about the region's connection to baseball and about how the Delaware River played a role in why Philadelphians call their sandwiches hoagies.

PA Coast Day highlights Philadelphia's connection to the tidal Delaware River. In this urban region, the river is a vital natural resource and important for commerce and trade. It is a source of drinking water and also a means of recreation. Coast Day attendees were able to learn about all of this through interactive, educational exhibits, water-related kids' activities and crafts, guided boat tours, pedal boating and kayaking, and more. And, best of all, everything was offered for free, thanks to the event's host (PDE) and various sponsors.

DRBC staff thoroughly enjoyed participating in this annual event that focuses attention on the Delaware River and its estuarine environment around Philadelphia.

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