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DRBC Staff Present at the 7th Annual CDRW Forum

The Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed (CDRW) held its 7th Annual Delaware River Watershed Forum last month in Allentown, Pa. Several DRBC staff provided presentations at the forum, which included a mix of panel discussions, site visits, and networking opportunities that educated attendees about the current health of the watershed and effective approaches being used to protect and restore its resources.

DRBC Manager of Water Resource Operations Amy Shallcross, P.E., presented on the History of the Salt Front (pdf 2 MB) during a session focused on salinity management in the Delaware Estuary, reservoir operations to control freshwater flows, and implications of sea level rise. One of DRBC's flow management responsibilities is controlling the upstream migration of salty water from the Delaware Bay during low-flow conditions to protect drinking water intakes in Philadelphia and Camden, as well as protect industrial intakes from corrosion and aquatic life that live in this unique, freshwater estuary.

DRBC Manager of Water Quality Assessment John Yagecic, P.E., presented on Recreational Uses and Criteria in the Delaware River (pdf 3 MB) during a session focused on how stakeholders use monitoring to protect the basin's waterways. The Delaware River Basin Compact directs the commission to take the lead on water quality matters that pertain to the basin through the adoption of regulations and the setting of designated uses and criteria; robust monitoring programs ensure that water quality criteria are being met. In addition to presenting, Mr. Yagecic led a discussion table about Delaware River fishable, swimmable stream designations and how collaboration on this effort can benefit all communities.  

DRBC Director of External Affairs and Communications Peter Eschbach also led a discussion table on the commission-managed Our Shared Waters campaign. Our Shared Waters: A Look at the Delaware River Basin is an effort to engage basin stakeholders and residents about the importance of the Delaware River to the region and to encourage stewardship of our shared water resources, be it volunteering for a community cleanup or reaching out to local legislators to ensure they are investing in the basin. This new campaign is supported by a large variety of partners and includes multiple online and on-the-ground components.

The CDRW brings together non-profit organizations from across the watershed to unite around the common goals of protecting and restoring the Delaware River Basin. Their annual forum is an opportunity for non-profits, businesses, academia, and government organizations working all across the watershed to get together and learn from one another. For DRBC, it's a great way to share information about our programs and current efforts to manage, protect, and improve the basin's water resources.

View complete information about this year's forum by visiting http://www.delriverwatershed.org/2019-forum