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Teacher Leadership

Teacher Leader Endorsement Advisory Board


The Teacher Leader Endorsement Advisory Board (TLEAB) is an eleven-member advisory board that was established by the New Jersey Teacher Leader Law to provide the State Board of Education and Commissioner of Education with recommendations related to the eligibility requirements and program of study needed to obtain the Teacher Leader Endorsement. TLEAB's recommendations will help to inform the Department's regulations and guidance related to the Teacher Leader Endorsement.

Stakeholder Groups Represented on TLEAB

Name Association Representing
Robert Barbier American Federation of Teachers NJ
Lisa Vernon-Dotson NJ Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
Virginia Grossman NJ Association of School Administrators
Tanisha Davis NJ Department of Education
Heidi Olson* NJ Education Association
Gary Melton** NJ Education Association
Dana Zimbicki NJ Education Association
Gayl Shepard NJ Education Association
Patricia Wright NJ Principals and Supervisors Association
Kristen Higgins NJ Principals and Supervisors Association
Irene Lefebvre NJ School Boards Association

*Denotes the TLEAB Chair
**Denotes the TLEAB Vice Chair

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