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SGO Excel Scoring and Tracking Tool

*SGO Excel Scoring and Tracking Tool: This is a Microsoft Excel-based resource that allows teachers to compile their SGO data and connect it with their scoring form all in one place. In addition, educators can use this workbook to help in monitoring student growth. Training on the familiarity of this resource will help schools to align SGO data much easier and more efficiently. There is also a quick start guide that can be used for guidance.

There are two versions of this Tool. The updated Excel 2013 version (2013 Sample xls  2013 Open xls) and the original Excel 2010 version (2010 Sample xls  2010 Open xls). In addition, this Sample Data Set can be used for training purposes.

Please note an error was found with the previous version of this guidebook. On the SGO form target percentages for tiers 1 and 2 were both reading from tier 1. This update fixes that calculation error which only affects those whose target percentages differed for these two tiers. If you had the same target percentage for both tiers 1 and 2 you would not have been affected by this error.

The updated Excel 2013 version will now allow to:

  • include up to 400 students in each SGO
  • remove those students from the SGO who have left the class

*The Department is very grateful for those individuals and districts whose ideas, collaboration and Excel knowledge made this work possible, particularly Irvington Public Schools District and Delsea Regional High School District.