New Jersey Department of Education

10-Point Checklist for NJEdCert Application

All personally identifiable information must be accurate. Be mindful of autofill features in browsers and carefully verify your information before signing the oath and submitting the application.

Be Ready!

  1. Email address
    • Educators who already applied for or held a certification in TCIS must use the same email address that was used in TCIS
    • Educators who have been nominated for certification by a New Jersey Educator Preparation Program (EPP) and have never logged into the new system (NJEdCert) must use the email address that was used when nominated by the EPP
    • Educators who do not hold certification in TCIS and are applying for certification for the first time in NJEdCert must create an account in the new system using a permanent email address.
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Social Security Number
  4. TCIS tracking number (if applicable)
  5. Language Testing International (LTI) email address (only applicable to those with scores)
  6. PRAXIS ID Number (eight digits)
  7. United States Citizen (Yes/No)
  8. Military Veteran Status
  9. First and Last Name
  10. Gender

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